G6 Asking about family and pets かぞくとペット


Please make a copy of this document, write your name in the title, assess yourself, write your comment, then share it with Ms Unno.

You are going to ask each other questions about family and pets in Japanese. Please ask at least 5 people. Please take turns and you need to be interviewed, too. Boys should work with at least one girl. Girls should work with at least 2 boys.
Use the picture of your family and pets when you talk about your family and pet.

Write the questions and your answers in Japanese first. Share it with google doc.

なん人かぞくですか? How many people in your family ?
だれがいますか? Who are they?
ペットがいますか? Do you have any pets?
ペットはなんですか? What is(are) your pet(s) ?
(optional どんなペットがほしいですか? What kind of pets do you want ?)
(optional どこにいますか?Where do they live. アメリカにいます。They live in the States.)
If you have more than two siblings, use と、一人、二人 for example; おにいさんとおとうとがいます I have an older brother and younger brother。おにいさんが二人います I have two older brothers。おねえさんとおにいさんとおとうとがいますI have older sister, older brother and younger brother。

Please record it. Post it in your blog.
Assess yourself and write your comment in TSC then share it with Ms Unno
Use class time to record on Wednesday Feb. 3

I shared the googledoc with you. Please print it out and handwrite your answers in Japanese then hand in.

Finish uploading your video, your TSC by Monday Feb.8

Japanology video only if you’ve finished your task.

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