G6 Friday April 22 四月二十二日金曜日 * Birthdays and the day of the week *Week of 四月十八日月曜日 Monday April 18

Monday 月よう日
Workbook 4 p75. Please use p100 to figure out the date starting ついたち the first さんじゅういちにち 31st.
5 p75-76, write appropriate kanji underneath the hiragana
6 p76 Match the hiragana with the kanji and picture for each month of the year.

Friday 金よう日
7 p77 Write the birthday for each student’s birthday in kanji.
8 p77 A. Ask five people in your class their birthday using the question たんじょうびはいつですか?
B. Make up questions asking the date of the school events.
9.p78 Listen and fill in the different events that occur during the month of May on the calendar.
10 p73 Write down each student’s birthday.

Movie “Ponyo” 映画ポニョ


11. You can work with a partner on the task. One of you ask the first question and the other finds out the answer, which both of you then write down. Swap roles for each question.
12.Listen to the tape and answer the questions in English.
13 Match each pictre with the correct caption. Then write the date of each person’s birthday nest to the picture in figures.

Presentation on Wednesday April 27

わたしの たんじょうびは ___月____日です。
Practice writing your birthday in Kanji so that you can write on the board.
Practice saying your birthday so that you can say your birthday in front of class after writing your birthday on the board.

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