G10 Day 7 Tuesday August 30

Leonie, Ipshita,
Genki Self-study Hiragana chart

Click Hiragana chart then click each hiragana to find out the pronunciation, stroke order and movie.
Practice writing each hiragana in your workbook p11.

Please scroll down, find Grammar/Conversation beneath it says Genki Movie, click 一覧表、then, click greetings. Download the movie and watch it. Use the textbook p34-35 as a resource.
Practice greetings.

Solon, Audrey Legolas

Write your self introduction in Japanese.
When you came to Japan
Family: how many people in your family and who they are
Something you like: Food, sports, animal, color, artist, music, etc.

Please write in Japanese writing pad (GENKOYOSHI)

Genki Self-study Flash cards, listening quiz, concentration game

Try “Flash cards” “Listening Quiz” “Concentration Game”

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