G6 Day 8 Wednesday August 31 

Make your hiragana flash cards.

Shuffle them then put them in order so that you have a complete hiragana chart in front of you.
Pronounce each card. If you are not sure, you can look at the back to make sure.

Kanji cards for Bryant.
Write the meaning and the reading of the kanji in the back.

Unit 1

Write the sound for each hiragana in p6 workbook. Use your hiragana chart or your hiragana cards.
Practice each hiragana in the box provided.

Listen to the tape and learn to say Kon nichi wa (hello) , Ohayou gozaimasu (good morning), Sayounara (good-by), mata ashita (see you tomorrow).

Workbook question 4 in p4
Listen to the tape and answer the question 4

Workbook question 5 in p4
Find the name for each student in question 5 in p4

Listen to the tape for
p7 Checking someone’s name and introducing yourself.
p8 Asking someone’s name and introducing yourself

Workbook question 6 in p5
Read the responses 1-7 in p5 workbook, find out the meaning.
Then fill in the bubbles in the picture with the number of the appropriate response from the list.

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