G10 Day 5 Fri. Sep.23

Ipshita, Leonie and Solon
p51-2 textbook ⅴ
A Look at the chart on p52 and describe each person.
For example: メアリーさんは19さいです。
B Ask and answer questions using the given cues in the textbook p52-53

p53−54 Ⅵ おとうさんは かいしゃいんです
Look at the chart about Mary’s host family and describe each person with regard to occupation/school and age.

p55 ⅶ まとめのれんしゅう
Pretend you are in College or University student, and write down your answers to the questions listed in p55. Make a chart in your notebook (just like the one in p55) and ask questions at least 3 students in class.

Homework p16 workbook

Audrey and Legolas
Homework due today Workbook p39 Verb Conjugation table

Textbook p123 ⅳ月曜日に何をしましたか?
B, tell what Mary did on each day
C, ask questions using the picture B p120
D, Talk about what you did on Monday, Tuesday, etc.

Text book p119 ⅲ先生は大学生でした。

Textbook p117 ⅱ図書館はどこですか?
Look at the pikuture and tell where the following things are A,B and C

Homework Workbook p37-38

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