G6 Day 7 Tue. Sep. 27

We will work on Task C today.
Please work with someone you have never worked with in class.
Record it, upload to Youtube then paste it in your blog.
When finished, please make a copy of G6 TSC , type your name in the title, assess your work and write your comment. Share it with me (unnon@yis.ac.jp).

Task C
How would you say
・goodby to your friend Yuki after school ? さようなら、ゆきさん。また、あした。
・goodby to your teacher at 4:00 p.m.? さようなら、せんせい。

・goodnight to your host mother before you go to bed?
・goodby to your friends when you plan to see them tomorrow?

Japanology for today.


Why Origami became so popular in Japan ?
When do people make one thousand cranes ?
How the tradition of thousand cranes start ?
What did the guy at Izakaya and Matt Alt say each other before they start the lesson ?
Do you think that you can make a chick using Oshibori (wet cloth)

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