G10 Day 10 Mon. Oct. 3

Vocabulary learning
Please learn the vocabulary before Monday Oct.3
Unit 2 for Ipshita, Leonie and Solon
Unit 5 for Audrey and Legolas

Please download the CD attached to your textbook at home. You should be able to listen to the CD anytime you need it in class.

Ipshita, Leonie and Solon
Unit 2 Shopping p58
Watch The movie
choose Lesson 2.
Note: In the movie Mary says このとけいはいくらですか but in the textbook she says これはいくらですか。
And also at the restaurant, Waitress says さかなじゃありません。 but in the textbook she says さかなじゃないです。

Read ぶんぽうGrammar p62-64
4 だれの

Practice Numbers p69-71 by listening to the CD. If you have not downloaded your CD yet, please do so as soon as possible.


Audrey and Legolas
Unit 5
Watch Genki movie
Choose Lesson 5.

Read Grammar p132-135 textbook Adjectives and すき(な)きらい(な)
p45 workbook Complete the Adjective Conjugation Chart
Make a sentence for each adjective either present affirmative or present negative.
じしんはこわいです。Earthquake is frightening.
 おにぎりはたかくないです。Onigiri is not expensive.
Answer the questions in p46


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