G10 Day 9 Thu. Sep.15

Hiragana quiz tomorrow for Ipshita, Leonie, Solon
まみむめも、やゆよ、らりるれろ、わをん and words introduce in p120-121 workbook plus みぎ、ひだり、まえ、うしろ、となり、

Day 3 Hiragana quiz all hiragana from あ〜ん

Look at the pictures in p34-35 in the textbook.
Read the expressions and listen to the CD.
Then practice each other using p37 textbook.
Learn Numbers p48-49 textbook.
After becoming comfortable saying 1-100,
listen to the CD for p49 then ask each other what time it is.

Audrey and Legalas
Practice asking each other あなたのまちに〜がありますか?
Vocabulaty for practice and the quiz next Wed.
びょういん  病院 hospitarl
としょかん  図書館 library
ゆうびんきょく  郵便局 post office
きっさてん  喫茶店 coffee shop
ぎんこう  銀行 bank
がっこう  学校 school
ゆうえんち  遊園地 amusement park
こうえん  公園 park
びじゅつかん  美術館 museum
すいぞくかん 水族館  aquarium
だいがく 大学  university/college
スーパー supermarket
スタジアム  stadium
プラネタリウム planetarium
バスてい  バス停  bus stop
えき 駅 station
くうこう 空港 airport
コンビニ convenience store

Then ask each other questions listed in p115 textbook.

Look at Takeshi’s schedule for the week.
Ask each other questions listed in p116.

Write down your next week’s schedule and ask each other what plans you have on each day of the week. p116-117 textbook.

Vocabulary quiz next Wednesday Sep.21 Day 3

G6 Day 9 Wed. Sep. 14

Worksheet first 7 min.
おべんとうクイズ obentou quiz

Your first assessment task is below.
Let’s make your Task Specific Criteria together !

p11 BLM 1.1 “Let’s record it”

Task A
You and three other people are involved in the situation below.
Find three people to act out the situation with you in Japan
You see Mr.Nakamura buying a newspaper early on Sunday morning.
Say hello.
He looks blankly at you, so remind him of who you are.
Tell him you’ll see him tomorrow.
On your way home at 11:30 a.m. you see the new girl in your class.
Say hello. You think her name might be Emiko so you ask if it is.
Introduce yourself to her.
Ask the name of the person with her. Say you are pleased to meet her
Say you’ll see her later.

Task B
How would you say hello
to your teacher at 9:00 a.m.?
to your friend Yuusuke at 12:30 p.m.?
to your neighbour at 7:30p.m.?
to the principal at 2:15p.m.?
to your friend Takako at 8:00 a.m.?

Task C
How would you say
goodby to your friend Yuki after school ?
goodby to your teacher at 4:00 p.m.?
goodnight to your host mother before you go to bed?
goodby to your friends when you plan to see them tomorrow?
goodby to your friend Yumiko as she goes back to Japan ?

G9 Day 7 Tue. Sep. 13 短歌を楽しむ

ワークブック p6−10



G6 Day 6 Tue. Sep 13


p11 BLM 1.1 Let’s record it.
A You and three other people are involved in the situation below.
Find three people to act out the situation with you in Japanese and record the conversation using your laptop.

おべんとうクイズ obentou quiz

G12 Day 7 Tuesday Sep.13

Period 3

Period 4

高村光太郎の智恵子抄、芥川龍之介の芋粥から一つ選んでWritten Taskを書きます。



16日Fri. Day 10
p3 羅生門プリゼンテーション Kazuki&Taka, Seafra&Gioulio 
p4 「鼻」のテーマは何かを話し合い、時代を超えて人間に共通する思いについて話し合います。

19日 Mon. Day 1
p1 羅生門プリゼンテ=ションプリゼンテーション Alex&Shin, Kate&Karen 
p2 「鼻」のあらすじを自分のことばでまとめ、テーマは何かを書きます。書いたものをクラスの最後にシェアしてください。

G8 Day 5 Fri. Sep. 9




  比喩  直喩、隠喩

教科書p246 「表現技法を使う」を参照しましょう。

ワークブック 2−3

G10 Day 3 Wed. Sep 7 and Day 7 Tue.Sep 13

KANJI and HIRAGANA quiz on Day 3, Wednesday September 7.
Hiragana: Write あいうえお、かきくけこ and the words using those hiragana (introduced in p117 workbook)
Kanji: Write the numbers and time in kanji. p13-14 workbook except for (2)ぜろ and telephone number.

Audrey and Legolas
Day 3 Wed. Sep 7
Write about your daily routine. Use the passage in p301.
Please use kanji for time. Use verbs おきます、たべます、いきます、べんきょうします、のみます、よみます、かえります、みます、ねます

Day 6 Tue. Sep 13
Unit 4
Read Grammar p107-109
There is/are X あります(nonliving thing) います(person/animal)
Describing Where Things are
Learn location words below. Write them in your notebook, write the English meaning next to it.
Ask each other questions using the words below.
Draw pictures if you want.
For example,
ELCの右はなんですか? ELCの右は、こうえんのもん”park gate”です。

Write the following words on the board and teach Ipshita, Leonie and Solon. These hiragana will be the one for hiragana quiz Spe.14 & 16. It would be good for whole group to learn the same vocabulary together.


Solon, Ipshita, Leonie
Learn Numbers (p48) and Time (p49)
Workbook p13-14

Up coming hiragana quiz for beginners:
Day 8 Wed. September 14 さしすせそ、たちつてと、なにぬねの、はひふへほ 
Day 10 Fri September 16 まみむめも、やゆよ、らりるれろ、わ、を、ん