G6 Day 1 Oct.4

Obentoo おべんとう Unit 2

Useful expressions in Japanese class

Ask each other if you could borrow things listed in the worksheet.
________ を かしてください
wo kashite kudasai
For example, えんぴつ を かしてください。 May I borrow a pencil, please ?

Then, practice asking teacher when you need to go somewhere.
Teacher may say はい yes orいいえ no.

みずをのみに いってもいいですか? 
mizuwo nomini ittemo iidesuka? May I go get a drink of water ?

p10-11 Hiragana,katakana and kanji practice for Unit 2 Please look at p22-23 in the textbook.
Write the reading in roman-ji next to hiragana, for example あ a け ke
日本 is kanji for Japan but you read it NIHON. Stroke order is in p24 textbook

Bryant will work on p86-88 in the workbook.

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