G10 Mon Oct.10 Day 5

Finishing up Summative Assessment Task-1
Please finish your G10 Summative Assessment Task-1

Assess your work and write your comment in TSC then print it out.

Practice for Summative Assessment Task-2
Criteria A & D

Ipshita, Leonie, Solon
Look at the pictures of the buildings in p72, ask each other what each building is using あれはなんですか?

Look at the pictures in p73 and p81
Ask the price using この、その、あの

Audrey and Legolas,
Look at the pictures in p137&138, ask questions using adjectives.
メアリーさんは、ひまですか?  はい、ひまです。
ここは、にぎやかですか?  いいえ、しずかです。

げんきself study
Scroll down and find Vocabulary in red, then go down a bit then you will see Genki Exercises. Click the URL and try !

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