G10 Day 8-9 Thu-Fri Oct.13-14

Day 8 Thu. Oct.13

Audrey and Legolas
Adjective past tense, affirmative and negative.
Read p133-134
Fill in the conjugation table in p47 and answer the questions p48-49 workbook. Please let Ms Unno check when you have completed.

Ipshita, Leonie and Solon
Please write your comment on your Summative Assessment Task-1 and assess yourself if you have not done so.
Practice for the summative assessment task-2
Make sure that you know all the vocabulary such as としょかん、ぎんこう、ぼうし、かばん、and prices in Japanese.

Day 9 Fri. Oct.14

Audrey & Legolas
Read Grammar explanation in p134-135 textbook.
Answer the questions in p50-53 in workbook.

After the autumn break, you will talk make a presentation on your trip. Please make sure you take some pictures to use for it. Use a lot of past tense verbs and adjectives to describe your trip!

Ipshita, Leonie and Solon

Summative Assessment Task-2 Recording !!

Workbook p20-23 Please let Ms Unno check when you have completed.

If you have finished, please read the grammar explanation for だれのnoun、nounも、nounじゃないです、〜ね・〜よ

After the autumn break:
Take a lot of pictures during the Expedition. You will be explaining the equipment, places, food, people in the pictures using これ、それ、あれ. You will need to know some verbs and adjectives to talk about some of your pictures.

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