G6 Day 10 Tuesday Nov.22

G6 Summative – at the reception desk

You are at the hospital and asked to give your information before you see the doctor. Use the ID card you prepared during the class for this activity.

You will be asked
おなまえは? Name
たんじょうびは? Birthday
なんさいですか? Age
でんわばんごうは? Phone number

Make sure you understand the question and give the appropriate answer in Japanese.
Say your birthday in Japanese order, which is year, month and the day of month
Say the phone number in Japanese and say ”の” for ー
For example 045-622-0084 ぜろよんご の ろくにに の ぜろぜろはちよん

  なまえは スミス トムです。
  たんじょうびは、にせんよねん ごがつ じゅうににちです。
  ぜろよんご の ろくにに の ぜろぜろはちよん です。

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