G6 一月二十三日月曜日 Monday Jan. 23

Please practice the following paragraph using the pictures.
You must practice enough so that you can say all the information without looking at your memo with good pronunciation and without making mistakes.

Show the map of your country
わたし(ぼく)のくには______です。 My country is __________.
Point out the town you are from.
わたし(ぼく)は_____からきました。I am from _______.
Show the picture of the place to visit (park, mountain, river, lake, famous building, etc.)
これは________です。 This is ___________.
Show the picture(s) of your friend(s).
Introduce him/her/them to class.
わたし(ぼく)のともだち ______さん(くん)です。 This is my friend ____.
_____さいです。 She/he is ___years old.
_____ねんせいです。 Year____at school.

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