Tutor Period

Please complete Semester one survey that I have shared with you. Make a copy of it and put your name and share it with me.

Also, if you haven’t completed your Phuket reflection, please complete and send me your link.

Value Education Visit Preparation today (Monday April 23)

Dear 9U,
Our next and the last Value Education Visit is next Monday, April 30.
Please prepare for Value Education Visit.
Choose something visual from your recent school work. If you have your art work in your blog, that would be perfect.
You know 2B students now so you can make your talk comprehensible for them.
If you don’t have anything visual in your blog, make a power point presentation.
Could be about your sport team, band, koto, HS production, choir, field studies, etc.
You will bring your lap top to 2B and present your power point one to one, or small group you have worked with.

Thank you,
Ms Unno


Please reflect upon how you did 1st Semester.
And post your reflections in your blog.
Focus Questions:

1. What are you most proud of in your semester one results? Why?
2. Given the comments of your teachers, what do you most need to work on?
3. How will you work on #2 above?
4. How do you feel about your Approaches to Learning (ATL) feedback?
5. Review the learning goals you established in Semester One. In what ways have you met them? What remains to be done?

Value Education 9U visits 2B