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Leaders source based questions

November 28, 2014 · No Comments · Grade 9 Individuals and Societies

Please read this doc.

1. You must choose 1 leader ( spiritual or political leader )

2. Start gathering information/sources on this leader. You may collect as many as you want and then select 5 of the best sources regarding this leader ( 1 paragraph each – no more than 12 lines) .   Two of the written sources should be pro and two anti. You can even have 1 which is neutral.

Sources must be from 4 different authors and origins

1 Visual source is needed = An political cartoon or photo. The cartoon is best as it says so much more than a photo…more useful for the essay you will have to write.



Global warming

November 26, 2014 · No Comments · Geography 11


Please illustrate using labels/annotations on a poster or other presentation medium

1. What the Greenhouse effect is

2. The causes of the Greenhouses gases

3. How does the Greenhouse effect cause global warming

Due on Monday 1st Dec


Health questions

November 26, 2014 · No Comments · Geography 12

M12 P2


Answer the above questions – due in Wed 5th Dec



November 25, 2014 · No Comments · Geography 12

Worksheet  Global patterns of disease and health

Read pages 443 to 445 in Planet Geography and answer questions  1- 7 on page 445

Location diseases of poverty and affluence

You are to do a presentation on disease – follow the instructions carefully

Disease presentation

Read over pages 445 to 449 in Planet Geography – stop reading at The question block on page 449. Answer questions 1 to 4 on page 449. Also answer questions 5 and 6 page 450 and questions 1 to 4 on page 454. These questions should be completed this class.

Past paper food and health questions for homework Friday 28th Nov due in 2nd Dec



PSA ( public service announcement )Leaders

November 19, 2014 · No Comments · General, Grade 9 Individuals and Societies

Public Service Announcement


You will create a 2 min video identifying the five characteristics that the future leader of your country should have and why, as well as three issues that you feel are the most important facing your country at the moment ( your country of passport ).


As you describe the characteristics, you must support your decision on three of those by  naming three different real-world leaders, dead or alive, who you feel have or had that characteristic. ie. Our next leader should be forceful and take action like Teddy Roosevelt when he…


Your PSA should include a hook, or first line to grab your audience’s attention, followed by the explanations of your 5 characteristics and three issues. Ending with a closing statement emphasizing your message and/or provoking further thought.


TSC: Criterion A, B and D


Due Date: Friday 28th Nov


Please add your name and hyperlink to your video broadcast on this sheet



Utopia activity

November 14, 2014 · No Comments · Grade 9 Individuals and Societies

You are working on your Utopian presentation  ..this is to be finished at the end of period 5 Monday 17th Nov and you 1 or more members will present to the class using a powerpoint/prezzi of no more than 5 minutes.


Disease presentation

November 14, 2014 · No Comments · Geography 12

See this doc …due end lesson Tuesday


Syria article 1

November 14, 2014 · No Comments · Grade 10 Individuals and Societies

The first article is to be finished at the end of Monday’s lesson ( 17th Nov ) so please make sure you read it carefully and understand it fully. Please check the TSC for this.


Syria project Grade 10

November 3, 2014 · No Comments · General

 On Monday Nov 3rd when I am away you will be working on

  • You will start to research your topic and collect news articles from the sites we outlined. Tag them carefully as you will need to choose some of these and print them off later.
  • Pictures of major figures in Syria / key people or groups related to your topic with a paragraph on each


Governments and leaders

November 3, 2014 · No Comments · Grade 9 Individuals and Societies

By today ( Mon 3rd Nov ) you should have done number 1. below
1. Research one of the government systems you have defined in question 1. (If possible, try to coordinate yourselves so that no 2 people research the same system.)

Provide a brief synopsis of the government system you have chosen
Find an example of this system of government in modern society
Is it really what it says it is?

Please produce a handwritten response of maximum 1 page for the above
In class today- Mon 3rd Nov – you will complete the following:-

2. Create a 30 second, single shot TV advertisement showing your findings and persuading your audience that your system is best for them. (Even if you personally disagree)

3. Write the script for your advertisement:
include all text
include all visual cues (this can be written or drawn)

4. Be creative. You may choose to be overly enthusiastic, even exaggerate some facts ( but don’t lie) to get your point across.

5. Shoot the commercial in a quiet corner wherever you can, ask the sub teacher politely to let you do this. PLEASE add link to your advert on this doc