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February 27, 2015 · No Comments · Geography 12



Go to Geographyalltheway – outsourcing

complete the essay-

  1. Analyse the importance of information and communication technologies in the process of international outsourcing. [10 marks]

paying particular attention to the structure


Read the articles and watch the videos then read the Outsourcing – India doc

Outsourcing on the increase read this


Read Global interactions page 83( part 1, part 2 )

IB study guide page 162

Blue study guide page 350 and 351

  1. Examine the development of one major outsourcing centre ( 10 ) ( use Bangalore ! )

For homework please make sure you have finished question 1 and 2 for Wed March 4th


Psych lesson 2

February 23, 2015 · No Comments · Grade 9 Individuals and Societies

Lesson 2: Introduction to Psychology and the study of human behaviour.  Nature vs nurture (cont.) : twin studies and what they tell us.  Watch twin studies nature vs. nurture and the differences in size and weight between Cory and Eric, and how the nourishment in the womb plays a part.  Watch the following clip on twins separated at birth, then answer the following questions:

  1. What unethical decision was responsible for the situation described in this video?
  2. Can you think of situation when it might be justified to be unethical in the pursuit of scientific knowledge of genetics or evolution?
  3. What is the most powerful evidence in this video that nature is more influential than nurture in explaining, predicting, or understanding human behavior?

Here is a more detailed video of the twin girls separated at birth.  Summarize the findings of twin studies and what they can tell us about the nature vs. nurture debate.

The watch this clip of conjoined twins


Psychology intro – Nature versus nurture

February 19, 2015 · No Comments · Grade 9 Individuals and Societies

Introduction to Psychology and the study of human behaviour.  What is the nature vs. nurture argument?  Watch the BBC clip on gender stereotypes and summarize the findings of the Cambridge study in regards to adults and gender stereotyping, and the Hines study on monkeys and toy preferences.  Watch the BBC short documentary on Eugenics and sport.  What is one possible explanation for the dominance of black athletes in sprint events? Using the Nature vs. Nurture worksheet1 and 2 , read the arguments and then fill out the chart on the back, and check with your family tonight on whether or not they agree with you, and please bring your sheet to next class.




February 6, 2015 · No Comments · Grade 10 Individuals and Societies

Working towards sustainability

Energy saving


How you could save energy in your home. It has to have a practical application?

How will you implement the ideas – get family on board?

Can you do anything else which will make your household more sustainable?

Can you take your ideas to the wider community?


You can work individually or in pairs, groups. Be creative!!

Due Feb 24th beginning of class.




February 2, 2015 · No Comments · Geography 11

Pick a rainforest biome of your choice


Explain the concept and importance of biodiversity in the biome

Describe an activity that humans are doing in your biome that results in lower biodiversity Examine the causes and consequences of reduced biodiversity in this biome

Project must include:

-a specific location ( map of the world showing location – local area )

-a specific problem

– Causes and consequence of destruction

-a graph or stats

– photos?

-proper sourcing and bibliography

Presentation: Any format

Due: Wednesday Feb 18th



Water scarcity

January 29, 2015 · No Comments · Geography 11

Friday 30th. Please answer the IB style question we put on the board and discussed the other day for which you have the hard copy title and markscheme. We discussed this and added extra info, which was not on the markscheme so think about and include all the other factors, which affect water scarcity and refer to examples throughout. Due next lesson.


The growth of the internet

January 29, 2015 · No Comments · Geography 12

Friday 30th – Go to Geographyalltheway – Global Interactions – Changing space shrinking world then click on ‘The internet’ Watch the video clips and read all info, then answer the IB style question at the end :-

Explain how and why one network, such as the Internet, has grown over time. [10 marks]

Due in next lesson.


Corporate Gaffes

January 29, 2015 · No Comments · Grade 9 Individuals and Societies

Work for Friday 30th Jan – Please make sure that you have finished and checked over your corporate gaffe. Then see if you can find 3 large corporations who have a poor reputation – this may be their impact on the environment, treatment of workers or exploitation of workers etc. List them and give a brief outline of what they did and a link to any video or article, which highlights their sins on a google doc.


Review of pros and cons renewable energy

January 29, 2015 · No Comments · Grade 10 Individuals and Societies

Today, Monday 2nd Feb, you need to review the advantages and disadvantages of all the different renewable energy sources we have looked at. Make a table in googledocs for this. This will be good revision. Read this article on renewable energy use in Vermont.


Water utilization and scarcity

January 21, 2015 · No Comments · Geography 11

see Geographyalltheway 

answer questions and sort slips