You are working through your coursework, which needs to be in by 16th May. You should have all graphs and sketches done by Monday 2 May. We will spend 2 weeks doing the analysis then the conclusion and evaluation can be done as homework on the weekend 13th May.

Thursday 28th

Today you need to check you have your essay outline notes complete and everything done for your test

The following should be checked and printed by the end of today’s lesson

  1. Essay outline with notes – but not full sentences = 1 side
  2. Sources = 2 sides
  3. Works sited = 1 side
  4. Cover sheet = 1 side

Grade 11 Geo I/A

Homework this week – Fri 20th April

You are still working on your graphing ( see booklet I shared with you ) , sketching and  sorting of photos. These must be completed by Monday 2nd May..so you have 9 days. From 2nd to 13th you will complete your analaysis, which is based on your graphed data. For homework Friday 13th you must write up your conclusion and evaluation.

Please note!! I/A coursework submission date Monday May 16th

Sports tourism

Friday 20th April

Major sporting events have always had their share of controversy

Watch these videos of some events, which have been very controversial

South Korea 1986

Beijing 2008

Brazil 2014 


—In groups, you will create a short presentation describing a controversy surrounding an upcoming major sporting event.

—Create a 5 (max) minute PowerPoint presentation (10 slides max) describing:

  • The reason your city wanted to host the event
  • The benefits of hosting the event
  • The drawbacks of hosting the event
  • The main lines of the controversy
  • —The slides may not contain more than 5 words each. They should be used solely as visual aids and prompts, not essay pages.
  • You may not read from a piece of paper or laptop either. All information must be in your own words.
  • Be ready to answer questions from your peers.

Possible Topics – 2 teams can pick the same event, not the same controversy

  • —The Rio Olympics 2016
  • —The PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018
  • —Russian World Cup 2018
  • —The Tokyo Olympics 2020
  • —Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
  • —The Qatar World Cup 2022
  • Any other with teacher consent

You will present on Monday


Edo – Wed 20th

Wed 20th April

Please have your log and all other stuff ready to hand in today.

From Wed you will work on the notes for your outline and get the following ready and printed for the 28th April

  1. Essay outline with notes – but not full sentences = 1 side
  2. Sources = 2 sides
  3. Works sited = 1 side
  4. Cover sheet = 1 side

Internal Assessment – Coasts

Today we are starting out intro and will work on this tomorrow. Fri class we will be starting the method and this will be completed by Monday. On Monday you will hand in your introduction and method for me to mark. I shared this doc with you to help you in the write up

Homework for the holidays

Please read over the syllabus outline for the I/A and make sure you understand what you have to do to get the marks.

Please make sure you have completed your maps by next lesson ( April 11th ). I suggest you also do a fieldsketch based on a photo and sort out the photos you might want to use – this is easy to do but takes time. If you want you can start your introduction.

The intro and method will be due in 18th April.