Welcome back grade 12!

We will finish up the last small section on oceans and move on. Go to today’s date on this doc.

We can also discuss the options – definitely going to do Geo physical hazards but may want to cover Freshwater instead of Food and Health. We will look at the syllabus and decide later.

Tues June 11th

I am absent on Tuesday 11th June so you will have a cover teacher. Please do the following:-

Go to this site Traveller IQ challenge   which takes you to the ‘world challenge’

It’s against the clock so it’s quick and just aim your cursor at where you think the place is and ‘enter’. This will shoot a dart. Start with the ‘world challenge’ game and see how far you can progress up the levels. If you fail to move up to the next level you will have to start again. Don’t click the link to ‘TravelPod’ just refresh your browser to start again. Do this every time you want to retry.

Remember to take a screen shot every time you complete a level as proof you got there. At the end of the double period take a screen shot of the final level you reach. Prize for the one who goes furthest.

If you get sick of the world quiz try one of the others at the top of the page!

See you Thursday!

June 4th – Sovereign rights and Ocean futures – Homework for this weekend.

June 5th – Today we looked at Sovereign rights and intro to conflicts with regard to biotic and abiotic resources.

Sovereignty rights of nations in relation to territorial limits along coastal margins and exclusive economic zones (EEZs) see the info on the overall doc.

For homework this weekend make sure you read over the notes below. Later will be looking in depth at one case study so maybe you will get some ideas on what you’d like to focus on.

Geopolitics of oceans

Sovereign rights and geopolitics of the Arctic latest news on Senkaku islands (China and Japan) 

You could find out what the latest is on these islands and tag articles on Diigo and share with the class.

You should know 1 case study and later we will answer the essay question at the end of this doc