Graphing data Monday 26th Sept.

Today we will start to graph our data using the averages for the class.

You should use a variety of graphs – a different one for each hypothesis

The beach gradient should be done by hand – I will show you how to do this in class.

You should also sort your photographs and make notes on the landforms and any defences you see. They will be used in the last hypothesis.

Once graphing is complete we can move on to analyse what we found.

The analysis/conclusion and evaluation are due Oct 14th.

Classwork Fri 23rd Sept and Homework – Migration

Today we will look through a whole paper 1 so you can see what it’s like. We will go through the layout and what is expected then you will answer question 5 – Section B -( May 2011 paper 1. ) for homework. I have given you a hard copy and also shared a digital copy of this with you too. 

In class we will work in groups answering questions on population from a few past paper 1, section As – we will discuss the answers in class.


Soil degradation continued Wed 21st September and homework

Please go to geographyalltheway –  user = yokohama – pass = international

Watch all the videos and articles on the first page then work through the first page on Loess plateau. Answer the question “Using a named and located example, discuss the management of soil degradation”  [15 Marks]. Use mixed up notes on this page and the graphic essay organiser to produce an answer. 

The essay is due Monday 26th Sept

Soil degradation Mon 19th Sept

You were to read these articles linked here and  now look at the Human causes of soil degradation. Make sure you define it and make notes on the main causes – see IB study guide p 34 also as it’s very useful. I will give you the colour print out of soil erosion – causes and management, add notes from this to the causes. Look at this simple powerpoint.

Read  page 35 managing soil degradation – use the headings and add notes from the handout to this.

Soil degradation – geographyalltheway

Corporate gaffes and H&M

You should continue to work on researching for your corporate gaffes over the weekend. However, and more importantly, please research H&M and check out if they have made a gaffe. Also look at the website. You should think of at least 1 question for Ms Ortiz, the CSR director. You know what you have to do on Tuesday in my absence.

Introduction to field study – Homework Due in Monday 19th

Although we haven’t been away yet you can complete the introduction. This is on the fieldstudy doc page 3

PART 1 – Introduction, location and method

You need a title page – include your name

Contents page ( this will be done last )


A brief introduction to the aims of the study, our research question and justify our hypotheses. Describe and explain location, bit of background and why we went there.

Hand drawn location map of area of study using correct geographic conventions. You may add more maps if you wish. Any maps you use other than one’s you have created must be cited clearly. Do not just use URL.

This should be completed for homework and is due Monday 19th