ICT in Civil Society

Growth of the Internet and ICT in Civil Society

See Geographyalltheway

How has it grown and why? The digital divide..What is it? Read 573 – 577 Planet Geo

Page 43 – 48 Global Interactions.

You may want to watch these anti TNC vids from various Civil Organisations

Watch geographyalltheway ICT  in civil society focus on Greenpeace  then answer the question below – chocolate companies to avoid

GreenpeaceSocial Media can save the planet this really sums up the importance of civil society saving the planet using the internet

Use of ICT in Civil Society. see these notes .Read Global Interactions 49 – 55 .

Read the answers to the question below

Read this – Compare ICT’s role in Civil Society  in USA and China

Describe the use of information and communications technology in civil society for the transmission and flow of either images, ideas, information or finance’. [10 Marks]

ICT and Civil Society good for promoting environmental awareness

Typical questions :- READ THESE AND THE ANSWERS

Examine the role of one civil society organization in fostering improved environmental management. ( 10 marks ) ( Greenpeace – See SR answer )

With reference to a case study or case studies examine how Civil Society helps promote and protect the environmental ( 10 marks ) Eg of answer ( Greenpeace and Open street map )

Examine the growth of environmental awareness as a consequence of these global interactions. ( 10 marks ) Eg of answer

Make  Notes on this worksheet


To revise you may want to compare Greenpeace and Open street map

Fill  in this chart

Increasing food availability/supply

Your homework is mainly reading and taking a few brief notes :-

What are we doing to increase food availability?

See the chapter I have given you from the Blue study guide on this and the chapter from Planet Geog pages 432 to 440 ( paying particular note of the Green Revolution)

Go to geographyalltheway – Increasing the availability of food and also remember what suggestions were made in the food security videos we looked at.

Create a document to write brief notes on ( bullet points ) regarding what we are doing to increase food availability and improve food security.

FAMINE Friday Feb 5th

Friday 5th Feb

Now answer this question on famine:-

Examine the variety of causes of a recent famine (within 10 years) [10 marks]

In an exam it could be written slightly different, eg

‘With reference to a case study discuss the causes of Famine’ ( 10 marks)

They could ask what appears to be a harder question like the one below – we can discuss this together and break it down before answering next class ( political causes and involvement )

“There is no such thing as an apolitical food problem..” Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize Winning Economist. Discuss this statement with reference to the Somalian Famine of 2011. [10 Marks]

Egs of past questions here

FAMINE Tues 2nd Feb

An extreme case of food insecurity is


Famine – Somalia – go to geographyallthe way – Famine


Read the information and watch the videos and read all links. Then complete the following:-

Task 1 – Make sure you note the definitions of starvation, temporary hunger and then define Famine

Task 2 – Note down the difference between Food emergency and Famine

Task 3 – You need to click on the link below, which will take you to a mind map of the Somalian famine…click on links embedded in it for further info. Read carefully all the reasons for the Famine.

Famine –  see this doc on Somalia


Growth of transport networks

See Geographyalltheway and look at the development of air and sea networks.

We are to look at the growth of 2 types of transport – Ocean and Air travel ( focusing on China ) You should know how and why these networks have grown. Here are some notes to start with. Make a copy and add to these. Read pages 39 to 41 in Global Interactions.

Ocean travel – general international developments

Air networks – read pages 33 to 37 Global Interactions for development of air travel in general and pages 568 to 572 in Planet Geog for China’s air network – read these

Plot main cities and first air hubs on map of China then do a timeline of major events – describe how it has grown ( spatial growth – ie direction area etc ) and also why ( give reasons ) Look at this answer and do an annotated timeline on your map.

Food security

Friday 29th Jan –  Go to geographyalltheway – Food and Health – Global availability – Food security. You should have done task 1 on Tues.  

Watch the following videos to help you answer this question and read these brief notes Causes of food insecurity/availability


Global food insecurity

An intro to food insecurity

food security and what you can do

UK food insecurity

UK food insecurity and waste

feeding 9 million by 2050!!!

Once you have seen the above take a quick look at these brief notes Causes of food insecurity/availability  and add any causes of food insecurity you have learned about and any relevant examples. Just spend a few minutes doing this over the weekend.

Monday 1st Feb – Now do Tasks 2, 3 and 4 – These are short answer questions but will help you answer the Review question at the end. ” Define the state of having ‘food security’ and describe two geographical factors that impact it” ( 2+2+2).