Update ATL folios

You should be updating this regularly so please do so now. You had a lot of feedback on the last assignment ( music and memory) and have just been given peer feedback on your Alternative energy presentations. so update reflections for both. Links to your folios are below:-

9 A 

9 D

Here are the ATLs – Skills we will be focusing on developing. Please create a portfolio where you can track your skill development over the course of the year and add reflections

What did you do well and and what presentation skills might you focus on in future presentations? write a short comment on here

Reflections so far Gr 10 – Homework

Homework this weekend

You were all asked to create an ATL portfolio where you would do reflections on your work as we progressed. Can you please update these.

10 – 1

10 – 4

Your coastal study was a massive piece of work covering many ATLs and all criteria. Please make a comment on this padlet.  Add your name to start a column – Add reflections and thoughts about usefulness and use of the  TSC and usefulness of focusing on specific ATLs. Be honest and state whether you used it more than usual, when you used it how effectively etc. Did you make an effort? do you think it will help improve your grades if you continue to use the TSC as a guide and focus on certain ATLs?


Today we will start the new unit on Psychology , in particular focusing on behaviour. Introduction to abnormality.


  • What are phobias?
  • What causes phobias?
  • How are they treated?
  • Are they more nature or nurture?
  • What is the difference between fear and phobia?
  • What would you consider abnormal human behavior?
  • How can we measure such behavior?

Exercise 1 :-

  • Make sure read the handout on Abnormality.
  • In groups, explain the following ways of measuring abnormality and their evaluation, using specific examples:
    • Statistical infrequency
    • Deviation from social norms
    • Failure to function adequately
    • Deviation from ideal mental health

Exercise 2:-

Then go to Kahoot and play the ‘definitions of abnormality quiz’

Watch this – Models of abnormality

Model: A set of assumptions or concepts that help psychologists and/or scientists explain and interpret observations

  • Spells out basic assumptions and sets guidelines for investigation and treatment
  • Some may conflict with each other or be better suited for certain conditions

In groups, use the handout to explain the following models of abnormality, as well as their ethical and practical implications.

Do some research of an actual case study where your model has been used, and explain it to the class, using the model to structure your explanation.

  • Medical model
  • Psychoanalytic approach
  • Behavioral approach
  • Cognitive Approach
  • Humanistic approach

Resources and sustainability – our environment and planet

Homework – due Tues Dec 11th

Please answer one of the following questions. Write a plain English translation of the question underneath it. Define key words and write thesis in the intro ( this is stating what you will cover ). The intro should not have any facts or figures in it. It should be brief and too the point.

Make sure you understand the command term – refer to the terms I shared with you from the IB. Please read glossary of terms and learn what they mean as you will be asked to answer questions using them in all the exams.

Make a plan of the essay and make sure you use paragraphs. Get to the point using plain, clear and concise English. Make sure you use subject appropriate terminology.

Read over and edit work then give it the parent test before you hand it in next Tuesday 11th. 

1.“Climate change will kill people.” To what extent do you agree with this statement? (10)

2. Global climate change will eventually become the main reason for human migration. Discuss. (10)

3. “The consequences of Global Climate Change will primarily impact low income countries” To what extent do you agree with this statement? (10)

4. Evaluate the consequences of Global Climate Change on the biosphere. (10)

5. Using one or more named examples, examine the impact of climate change on the human population. (10)


Please add links to your docs for your essay


Links to your sources – This should be a single or double sided A4 page, which you need to print out and bring on Monday

Links to your essay plan-This should be a 1 sided A4 page only – bullet point notes – not a pre-written essay.  

Link to your planning document – which you started at the beginning of this task

Add to the relevant class doc below:-

9A links

9D links



Make sure you have completed your notes on – Effects on The Biosphere – Using Geographyalltheway this and Geopods (If you see a useful map/ image etc screenshot it and add to your notes or mindmup) Also watch this, which I have just tagged

Changes in the Biosphere

  1. spatial changes in biomes, habitats and animal migration patterns
    • Plant migration
    • changes in animal migration
    • resistance of insects, pest and disease
  1. changes to agriculture, including crop yields, limits of cultivation, soil erosion
    • Explain the changing trends
    • Importance of soil
    • Emergence of new arable land

Answer this question = State and explain one change to agriculture caused by global climate change. [1 + 2]

Then make notes on:-

Changes in the Atmosphere

Climate change & …. incidence and severity of extreme weather events, including drought

  1. Incidence and severity of extreme weather events, including drought
    • Explain the causes of increased weather events like hurricanes, floods and droughts
    • Explain the increasing severity

WE WILL LOOK AT  Changes on people and places next lesson