Psychology Intro

Video intro to psych

Lesson 1 -Tuesday Nov 24th

Introduction to Psychology and the study of human behaviour.  What is the nature vs. nurture argument?  Watch the BBC clip on gender stereotypes and summarize the findings of the Cambridge study in regards to adults and gender stereotyping, and the Hines study on monkeys and toy preferences.  Watch the BBC short documentary on Eugenics and sport.  What is one possible explanation for the dominance of black athletes in sprint events? Using the Nature vs. Nurture (handout), read the arguments and then fill out the chart on the back, and check with your family tonight on whether or not they agree with you, and please bring your sheet to class next lesson.


Millennium development goals essay

Research Essay

Millennium Development Goals


Examine the progress made in meeting the Millennium Development Goals in poverty reduction, education and health. ( 15 marks )



  1. The essay must:
    1. not be more than 2000 words
    2. include a word count
    3. be typed
    4. 1.5 spacing
    5. include at least one map
    6. include at least one table
    7. include at least one graph
    8. have an appropriate structure
      1. introduction
      2. appropriate paragraphing and headings
      3. transitions
      4. conclusion
    9. refer to at least THREE different sources
    10. have in-text citations
    11. have a work cited list

You will have TWO class periods to work on this task.

The essay is due in at the end of the lesson on Friday 27th November, 2015

The essay will be marked using the IBDP P1 and P2 Assessment Criteria

Business quandaries/dilemmas

You all have a case study to think about and should write a short report to share with the class, which describes the quandary faced by your company and justifies your decision. It should include:-

1. What is the quandary and the options the company has?

2. Evaluate the pros and cons of each option

3. Decide what the company should do and state why

4. Does the decision make the company more socially or environmentally responsible? ( more CSR ) and what would the advantages and disadvantages be for the company?

This is due next Tuesday – 24th Nov. Link your work to this doc and please make sure your doc is set to “anyone with a link can view”


A point in History!

We have gone over this and you know when it is due but do refresh by reading over carefully.

Choose a ‘point in History’ an event, happening, or milestone, something very focused and create a good, well focused research question. Think of a topic then think about a particular question you would like to ask about it. This must be focused.

This is something we will be working on using sources (Info on primary and secondary)

Before we will review how to use sources – OPVL ( looking at Origin, Purpose, Value, Limitation)  this  this is useful and see info on this. In this assignment you will use 5 sources, which show 2 different perspectives,  and 1 must be a political cartoon or another image if you cannot find a cartoon. The cartoon is best as it says so much more than a photo or picture/drawing…more useful for the essay you will have to write. See this info on political cartoons

Your task is to:-

  1. Construct your research question and answer this using your sources.
  2. Pick 5 sources, use both primary and  secondary, that will show a broad scope of opinions and ideas about your event or theme – one source must be a political cartoon
  3. You must discuss the OPVL in this and show different perspectives.
  4. Properly cite each source  (title, date, short description)
  5. No more than 2 sides of paper

 By 16th Nov you need to have your topic and research question finalised and the form filled in. You will hand this in with your 5 sources, which should be on a separate sheet of paper with correct titles and citations. You will hand this to me for feedback.

 The final essay is due in Wednesday 2nd Dec TSC

Work for Tues p8, Thurs and homework for next weekend.

After you have finished your test please work through DISEASE questions below

You have a fair bit to do stay on task and don’t waste time.

The following pages cover disease and will help when doing your disease presentation:-

Pages 272 – 285 for Disease ( blue study guide book)

Planet geog 443 – 459

Please do the following.:-

1. Key words disease  – make sure you make a copy of this table and fill it in. 

2. Just read this document and make yourself a copy – Worksheet  Global patterns of disease and health

3. Read pages 443 to 445 in Planet Geography and answer questions  1- 6 on page 445

4. Just read this – it has 2 questions on disease location from past papers and will be useful in revision- so make yourself a copy. Location diseases of poverty and affluence

5. You are to do a presentation on disease - follow the instructions carefully

This is due Wednesday 18th November – you will have Tuesday’s lesson next week to finish. 


Primary healthcare

Primary healthcare -

Primary healthcare = basic essential healthcare – one of the basic ways of prevention – See this  Mindmap which outlines the many different preventive measures

Read Pages 415 – 421 in Planet geog ch 10 on disc – China

1. List the benefits of primary health care. (5 points)

2. Choose 1 case study where they are focusing on primary healthcare.


a.Reasons for introductions for focusing on it ( 2 )

b.Evaluate the success of the scheme: how effective, where are the limitations)(10 )

3.  Name 3 other places where primary health care is effective. (3)


Primary healthcare examples around the world – choose one and then make a copy of this table and transcribe the information into the relevant column. Under your table name 3 other places where primary health care is effective and briefly outline the program – do a paragraph for each.


Tuesday’s lesson – Disparities in London

The aim of the lesson is to be able to explain disparities and inequities that occur within London resulting from ethnicity, residence, parental education, income, employment (formal and informal) and land ownership.

Question = Describe and explain the disparities that exist in London.

[750-800 words, 15 marks. To access more than 8 marks you must be discussing at least three different categories of disparities but you should be referring to them all]

Due Tuesday 10th November. Please share with me and allow editing rights.

CSR and TNCs

In pairs you chose a TNC who has a good track record of CSR. Please produce a report of no more than 2 pages.

The report should include

  • a brief outline of the organisation
  • a description of how the organisation is environmentally and socially responsible
  • an outline that explains in what ways being environmentally and socially responsible benefits:-
  1. the company or organisation
  2. the employees
  3. the local community.

You will work on this on Tuesday 10th Nov with your partner and finish it by the end of the class

Once it is complete please add Links to TNCs and remember to check you have made your doc ‘anyone with a link can view’. If you finish early start Friday’s work below.

Friday 13th – first part of the class you should go to the links, above, and read what some of the other TNCs are doing with regard to CSR.

Second part of the lesson – create a poster or leaflet to encourage either an employer or an employee to become more environmentally responsible and offer some ideas of how they can do this. TSC 

NOTE! The paper for the posters is in the unopened blue pack at the back of the room – it is the small poster paper. If you need elastic bands they are in a bag in the far left cupboard at the back of the room. This is to be completed for homework and due in on Monday 16th.