Qatar world cup – Human rights violations

Qatar world cup – Human rights violations

The Guardian – Migrant workers in Qatar - 15 minutes

The Guardian – World Cup Slaves in Qatar – 10 minutes
Watch the 2 videos and write a short synopsis of what’s happening, ie the main points – you can do this in pairs. Think about what can be done and maybe research into what is being done to improve the situation. We will discuss this on Monday.

Grade 10 – Human Rights work Monday May 11th

First Period: Write a one page reflection on Mr. Mejia’s discussion. What information had the greatest impact on you and why? Think about the challenges he faced and the changes that he has seen. How do you compare what you read on the PBS site to what Mr. Mejia said? Remember the reflection reveals your critical thoughts and shows your ability to analyse the information that you have on the topic (in this case Guatemala and the civil war).

Second Period: Working with a partner find one current human rights issue from two different major news sources (remember the sources you used for the Syria Conflict Project and paste each article on a document that you write a short paragraph for that states the type of right being addressed, why it’s important, a short synopsis of what has happened, and what action(s) you feel need to be taken. Do the articles agree?

Kamakura tourist project – Friday lesson

In my absence on Friday you should work on the following:-

1. Come up with 2 hypotheses for the project 1 “where do people come from who visit Kamakura?”

2. Come up with 2 hypotheses for project 2 ” the advantages and disadvantages of tourism” for Kamakura

You should refer to the doc I shared with you for this.

3. Produce background information and geographical location
In this section you should include some information on tourism and History in Kamakura.
You must not copy. This section should be no more that 150 words and they must be entirely your own words and your “voice”. Read a web page and then close it down while you write it up in a word document.

You also need to describe the location of Kamakura. You should include a written description which includes the distance from Tokyo and compass directions.

4. You should draw three maps – A Japan map, a regional map, showing where Kamakura is in relation to Yokohama and Tokyo and a local area map of Kamakura. If these are copied from the Internet they must be simple maps that only show us the information that we want. I suggest you create your own using google maps…ask Tobi or Arunansu for help if you don’t know how to do this. Maps should be annotated using the “draw” tools. This is the map showing where the 3 groups are located, which you can copy and use. This is our group section map

Please make sure you save all your work in a new folder entitled ‘Kamakura project’

I will check this is done next week…Meanwhile, please be prompt next Monday, we will meet you at Ishikawacho at 8.40 or Kamakura station at 9.45 …Remember, wear sunscreen, bring water and food, pencil, and check the weather report in case you need sunglasses or umbrella.


Before next lesson

Please make sure you produce a map of the local are showing both Maiso beach ( beach 1 ) and Ryugyu Kutsu ( beach 2 ).

You also you need to come up with hypotheses for your study.




Human rights guest speaker

On Thursday May 7th periods 7 and 8 Mr Mejia will be our guest speaker (Remember we do not have class on Monday May 4th because of internal exams) Before this talk please do some preparation. Read the timeline on the Guatemalan Civil War and click through each section.  Short background reading on the Guatemalan Civil War and human rights abuses.  Now watch the short PBS documentary Guatemala: The Secret Files.  And then think of five questions you would ask someone who lived in Guatemala during this time frame and was directly affected by the Civil War for Thursday’s class.


Please note you will be in Mr How’s room on Thursday with the other grade 10 class. Good luck with your Edo essay on Monday morning.

Tokyo Olympics

We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of large scale tourism and then introduced the idea of large projects like the Olympics and the effect they have on the host city and nation. We looked at why countries bid for the opportunity to host the Olympics and some of the advantages and disadvantages. What does the International Olympic Committee say about requirements for hosting? There will be lots of advantages to Tokyo and Japan in hosting the Olympics as well as disadvantages. Your exam will be on the cost/benefits of the Tokyo Olympics so you need to research. You may want to look at past Olympics to see how it affected other places, for example-  how successful was the London Olympics and why? Sochi in Russia – the 2014 winter Olympics and maybe older ones. Find articles relating to the Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympics – I suggest you find 3 articles outlining positives and 3 articles outlining negatives – take notes on each on a google doc and also keep the source list for your bibliography. Have these ready for class Monday. This research will be the basis of information for the essay that you will write for your internal exam on Thursday, May 7th. You will also be given sources on the day to help you.