Sports tourism – Wenesday April 26th

Large sporting events

Major sporting events have always had their share of controversy

Watch these videos of some events, which have been very controversial

South Korea 1986

Beijing 2008

Brazil 2014 


—In groups, you will create a short presentation describing a controversy surrounding an upcoming major sporting event.

—Create a 5 (max) minute PowerPoint presentation (10 slides max) describing:

  • The reason your city wanted to host the event
  • The benefits of hosting the event
  • The drawbacks of hosting the event
  • The main lines of the controversy
  • —The slides may not contain more than 5 words each. They should be used solely as visual aids and prompts, not essay pages.
  • You may not read from a piece of paper or laptop either. All information must be in your own words.
  • Be ready to answer questions from your peers.

Possible Topics – 2 teams can pick the same event, not the same controversy

  • —The Rio Olympics 2016
  • —The PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018
  • —Russian World Cup 2018
  • —The Tokyo Olympics 2020
  • —Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
  • —The Qatar World Cup 2022
  • Any other with teacher consent

You will present on Friday

Homework Friday 21st April and class Monday 24th April

I know you are all busy, so for next lesson please have only the following graphs done:- gradient of beaches, wave height and wave frequency, size and roundness of material.

Selecting photos to use in analysis would be useful over thee weekend.

NOTE – You can leave the wind rose graphs, longshore drift graph, Moh’s scale graph till later.
We will start analysis of hyp 1 on Monday

Graphing & Analysis

You should be graphing this week and make sure you complete any graphs over the weekend. Your analysis will take you 2 weeks. Please note that you should be finished this by the week starting 7th May. That week you will complete the conclusion and evaluation.

The whole study is due in, completed by Friday 12th May without fail. No extensions.


DISORDERS – Causes, treatments and stigma

Create a short presentation on your disorder. (3 mins max as an individual or 5 mins max as a couple) It should be informative and cover :-

  • Causes
  • Stigma – various issues facing people with the disorder.
  • Named case studies and academic research
  • Treatment options – can it be cured or just treated? Are there multiple options for treatment – best options, new options – how do the Japanese deal with it?
  • Where relevant, information about Japanese organizations helping people with the disorder

Due = May 2nd – 10D and April 28th – 10B


Globalisation at a local level

Today we look at the response of Global Civil Society to Globalisation…read pages 224 and 225 and look at the table on page 225 – you will fill in the sheets and simplify the data from the table.

We will look at the different egs of Civil Society, which you will add to the top of the sheet.

Go to 228 in ‘Global interactions’ read pages 228 to 230 – we will look at the Costs & benefits of Globalised production and compared it with Local commercial, production. You will draw a simple cost/benefit table on the back of the A3 sheet Make simple notes.


Also please watch ‘slow food nation’ videos, which are a local backlash against global, fast food. Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3

For homework you need to study a non globalised society – people who have minimal contact with the outside world and live alternative lifestyle – Read pages 240 to 243 and answer questions 1 to 4.on page 243.

Then – answer this question ‘ evaluate the quality of life of a contemporary non-globalised society.’ 10 marks.

I will take work in on Monday. We will start revision and cover the first 2 parts of paper 1 – ‘Populations in Transition’ and ‘Disparities in wealth and development’


Please make sure that you work on your method this weekend. We will work on it in class too but there is a lot to fit in and manipulating photos etc takes time. It should be complete by next Friday, 14th April. The people I did not see about your intro I will sit down with you next lesson ( Monday ) so make sure the intro’s are complete and that you have followed the guide I shared with you.