Environment cont Thursday 9th March and homework reading

Effects multi national manufacturing Bhopal – USA chemical plant in India – also eg of technological hazard.

Transboundary pollution – Fukushima – and another  or  

Deepwater Horizon. – Answer for ‘consequences of increasing demand of a raw material = Oil.’

Civil Society and the environment – Greenpeace

Homogenisation of landscapes – Please make sure you read over this for homework…and revise well for your exams.

Homework March 3rd – Outsourcing & some reading for Monday

Please read over  these questions and their answers – 1 & 2 and answer q3 for homework this weekend.  Use geogalltheway and read pages 87 – 90 in Global Interactions book and pages 585 – 587 in Planet Geog chapter Economic interactions and flows and also refer to the IB study guide as it is to the point. You will answer handwritten and no more than 2 and half sides. Please plan out using the notes on slide 9 from the powerpoint as a guide. 

As you are missing Monday’s class please read these notes on

Agro-industrialisation ( Agribusiness ) and the environmental consequences – check this  useful board shot and if necessary add the doc above to fill in any gaps

Food miles and the envt

consequences of increasing demand of a raw material = Oil.

notes on Oil and read the links attached to this.




Energy proposal and maps

Energy proposals:-

You will be given an OS map to conduct a feasibility study and produce an energy proposal for the map’s area. State what types of renewable energy would be suitable for the region, or what mix of these could be used, and the site where these could be employed.

You will create a hand drawn, annotated map on poster paper.

Your maps must include:

  • Title
  • Scale (cannot be the same as on your map)
  • Grid reference
  • Land use
  • Key
  • Elevation where relevant
  • Main physical features
  • Reference to map evidence
  • Information on the region
    • Population
    • Energy usage
    • Climate and meteorological trends
    • Economic activities
  • Handwritten annotations of site for each type of renewable energy usage with:
    • Type of energy
    • Expected energy production
    • Statistics to support your choice
    • Short explanation of your decision
    • Graphs if necessary
    • Physical features that guided your decision
  • Any other relevant information that can support your answer.

TSC C & D Due Monday April 3rd

Thursday 2nd March – Outsourcing

Information flows

Explain the role of ICT in the growth of international outsourcing.

Information flows and outsourcing

Outsourcing: The process of taking internal company functions and paying an outside firm to handle them. The process of outsourcing part of your business operations to another company is known as subcontracting.


The internet as it was launched 1993


Americans Outsourcing overseas video

Growth and development of ICT has revolutionised the way in which we work and where we work..major force in globalisation. See Trump

Answer these questions in groups use geogalltheway and read pages 87 – 90 in Global Interactions book and pages 585 – 587 in PLanet Geog chapter Economic interactions and flows.

Financial flows

Today we had a recap of the relative importance of various financial flows and then looked at the flow of labour – Mexico to USA and went through the causes of the movement and consequences – reminding ourselves about the migration unit we did last year. We then looked at a couple of videos on how USA controls flow of these migrants.

Labour flows

Explain the causes and effects of one major flow of labour between two countries.

Movement of people has implications some of which we have covered in population and some which we will cover in other units – culture, sovereignty etc.

Look at this presentation  & Read this about Poles to UK- useful ideas  

Mexicans to USA – or Turks to Germany or any other example

Causes and consequences notes

See Responses to loss of sovereignty – Border control – watch all the video clips from Geographyalltheway see also the links and videos on this page and answer the question on there.

Make sure you can answer this question  ‘ Explain attempts to control migration into one named country’ (10 marks)

Next lesson we will look at outsourcing

Coastal landforms – Of emergence and submergence

Today we will look at coastal landforms and look at those caused by sea level change Rias and Fjords – these are features of submergence. We will also look at Raised beaches. If you are absent get notes from your friends and look at the information on this doc (go to Physical characteristics ) about Emergence and submergence – 

Read  Planet Geog p 251 to 253 and make notes on these features.

Under sea landforms

 Sub oceanic landforms/undersea landfroms

We are looking at ‘Undersea landforms’ see plate tectonics and ocean floor – and this we will go through this to understand key terminology about the plate movements and landforms – see Sea floor spreading and sea floor landforms …Watch this Short vid.

You will annotate several features of sub oceanic landforms your paper copy

We will also look at the importance of oceans  – read abiotic resources and more on abiotic.

You will then complete a) b) and c) of the past paper question 4 on the Oceans document for homework.This is due Monday.