Strategies to help reduce disparities – Homework 2nd Dec

Music and Memory part 2.

Part 2: Results. Show the table of results (raw data). Graph your results, using an appropriate graph. Make sure it has a title, clear labels and axes.

Analysis This is where you describe and explain your results. You state what you found referring to your graphs and what your results mean in relation to your hypotheses. Relates your results to the results of the study you are replicating.  

Conclusion and evaluationYou state your conclusion, and whether you have proved or disproved your hypotheses. Next evaluate the methods – suggest if any methods were not ideal and how you would improve this study if you were to do it again.Abstract is written when the write up is complete. It is a summary of the study and     should include/ or state:- what you are studying, the aim or purpose of the experiment you are conducting, a brief description of the method, some details about the participants, where the research was conducted, and briefly state your results/conclusion. It should be no more than 300 words – TSC C&D 

This abstract should be placed after the title page!! Due Dec 12th at the start of the lesson.

Homework Friday 2nd Dec

Please complete the questions you started today :-

Read pages 224 to 238 in the booklet I gave you ( 14 Patterns in resource consumption ) and answer all question sets p 230, 234 and 238 ) You can do this in pairs if you wish. Also take a look at the exam style questions on page 240 and ensure you could answer these. 

It would be helpful to have an idea of what resources are and some egs. and to review your notes on population we covered last year

You must make sure you know of 2 countries with very different levels of development and can discuss, explain and compare their different ‘ecological footprints’ – take brief notes on these. Norway and Congo or Sierra Leone are good egs.

DO NOT do the hazards question I gave you – just use this for revision.

Music and Memory experiment Part 1- Thurs Nov 24th

You are to start this for homework this weekend

See this music and memory experiment for method

Grade 9 Individuals and Societies – Psychology Experiment on Memory

The psychology experiment has 2 main objectives:

  1. To familiarise you with psychological research and methods
  2. To conduct an experiment required for psychological study where one independent

variable is manipulated (music ) and one dependent variable is measured (number of words remembered)

After conducting your experiment as a class you will collate all the data and then do your write up of the experiment individually along the following guidelines.


Part 1:

Title Page- This is a front cover!! it includes the name of the experiment The Effect of Music on Memory entered and then in the lower left hand corner your name, your class and the date of submission on three separate lines

Introduction includes the subject you are investigating, details of the studies being

replicated and its findings, why you are doing the experiment, what the aim is,

and what your hypotheses are

Our first hypothesis is – ‘our ability to recall the words shown on the screen will be enhanced by silence’

Our second hypothesis is – ‘our ability to recall the words shown on the screen will be slightly diminished when listening to classical music’

Our third is  – our ability to recall the words shown on the screen will be significantly diminished when listening to loud music’

Method is given to you but briefly state the design of the experiment, who the

participants are, how we decided on the method, what we would need, who would do what, the materials needed to conduct the experiment, and the step by step procedure to conduct the experiment referring to instructions in the appendix. Include a short justification for each part of your method. Basically you state what we did and why we did it like that!


Due 1st December end of lesson


Thurs 17th Nov – MDGs

Disparities and change

MDGs and SDGs

MDGs ( Millennium development goals ) how far they were successful? These are now finished and we now have ‘Sustainable development goals’..but we do still have to assess how far they have been successful.

What are they?

An overview of global disparities trends

Now in groups you will take notes on this sheet I have printed for you. We need to add a column!

MDGs progress info

Also read the info on MILLENNIUM development goals on this site and take relevant notes also read the MDG report. Another doc,

which may be useful. We will answer this question in class tomorrow:-

MDG progress essay on how far MDGs have been achieved in terms of poverty reduction, education and health.