Monday’s lesson 10 B

I am absent on Monday so you will have a cover teacher. I want you to get ready for a General knowledge quiz on Tuesday.

On Monday in the lesson you need to get into teams of 2, 3 or 4 and produce 4 quiz questions, for a quiz we will have on Tuesday’s class. 

Please make a copy of this google doc and add your group name. Share it with me and your group only – please give me editing rights.

Follow the instructions and have your questions sorted by the end of the double lesson. We will have the quiz no Tuesday.


10D I&S Thursday May 17th Period 8

Today you have a cover teacher and were asked to bring your Art/Design work in so you can catch up with that. Vienna please go up to Mr Martinez and check it’s OK for 3 or 4 of you to go and use the art room. The rest of you get on with your art. You will be given another couple of periods in the next couple of weeks to work on this too and help you get up to speed with Art/Design as you have missed classes on our behalf.

Make sure you have added your name and hyperlink to your ATL checklist on this doc and make sure you have shared it with me.