Sports tourism – Wenesday April 26th

Large sporting events

Major sporting events have always had their share of controversy

Watch these videos of some events, which have been very controversial

South Korea 1986

Beijing 2008

Brazil 2014 


—In groups, you will create a short presentation describing a controversy surrounding an upcoming major sporting event.

—Create a 5 (max) minute PowerPoint presentation (10 slides max) describing:

  • The reason your city wanted to host the event
  • The benefits of hosting the event
  • The drawbacks of hosting the event
  • The main lines of the controversy
  • —The slides may not contain more than 5 words each. They should be used solely as visual aids and prompts, not essay pages.
  • You may not read from a piece of paper or laptop either. All information must be in your own words.
  • Be ready to answer questions from your peers.

Possible Topics :-

Any past Olympics or world cup.

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