Kamakura project

Your homework is to complete your project. You did a check through to see what was left to do and were asked to allocate work to all group members, which should be done over the weekend. No one person should feel responsible for doing this alone.

On Tuesday 31st we will be using the double period to check, edit and print the final write up. This is not the time for finishing off.

Human rights issue – Wed 25th May

Today we will be working on your human rights documentary. You should have all your research done and be storyboarding…deciding on what to say and what visuals you need. Some of you may need to start recording voice over.

Please remember to work on this with your partner over the weekend as 10-D – only have today’s and tomorrow’s lesson before it is presented on Wed. 10-B have today, tomorrow and Tuesday’s lesson.

Please add hyperlinks to your documentary on the following docs.

10 – B 

10- D



You will be working on improving your coursework for the next couple of weeks in your own time. As of Tuesday we will resume classes to continue with the Oceans and coastal margins option.Please don’t forget to come see me at the time you have chosen for verbal feedback on your marked draft


Please complete your analysis and do the conclusion and evaluation for Monday. Monday’s class you have time to complete things and check over. I will collect your coursework at the BEGINNING of class Tuesday. That is 9.10…DO NOT be late!! If you are ill on Tuesday you must share your work with me.


Human rights intro

What is the world’s responsibility towards refugees?

Please read the timeline on the Guatemalan Civil War and click through each section.  Short background reading on the Guatemalan Civil War and human rights abuses.  Now watch the short PBS documentary Guatemala: The Secret Files.  And then think of five questions you would ask someone who lived in Guatemala during this time frame and was directly affected by the Civil War ready for Mr Mejia’s talk.

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You are working through your coursework, which needs to be in by 16th May. You should have all graphs and sketches done by Monday 2 May. We will spend 2 weeks doing the analysis then the conclusion and evaluation can be done as homework on the weekend 13th May.

Thursday 28th

Today you need to check you have your essay outline notes complete and everything done for your test

The following should be checked and printed by the end of today’s lesson

  1. Essay outline with notes – but not full sentences = 1 side
  2. Sources = 2 sides
  3. Works sited = 1 side
  4. Cover sheet = 1 side