Homework Fri 17th Feb

Here is our next summative assessment: Government Report focusing on Strategies to Encourage Development

Government Report focusing on Strategies to Encourage Development

Your Role is that of a development advisor to the government

Your Task is to decide which development strategy or strategies are most appropriate to  improve the standard of living of a community represented by an individual

Choose an individual or group profile from the Kiva website – Anyone you feel you would like to help. You can browse Kiva by country, gender, economic sector, etc. Your homework for this weekend is simply to choose your individual or group by Wednesday’s lesson.


  1. Preliminary Research:

Once you find your person or group, take a screenshot of their profile and do some further research on the country or region they come from:

  • find information about their level of development and standard of living ( HDI- Fertility rate, GNP, disease etc )
  • Issues in their area or country ( government stability, economy, debt, war etc ) which might affect their level of development.
  • Main economic activities and growth rate
  • Climate, resources and physical nature of the country
  • Any other information that will help you with your decision


  1. Product

You will create a 1 page report recommending strategies that will help improve the standard of living and break the cycle of poverty of the community represented by an individual

You need to suggest the strategies we have discussed in class: AID, FDI, Fair Trade, Debt Relief, Market and Trade Access, Government policy, Remittances, as well as micro-financing through Kiva. If you find any other solution make sure to ask your teacher first.

All of your decisions must be supported with statistical and anecdotal evidence.

The report should be a 1 page proposal.


Links to your presentations and information sheets

Links to some useful resources if you are interested


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