Production & markets, The Role of Aid, Free trade, Fair trade

PRODUCTION & MARKETS – Effect of – Trade barriers, subsidies and agreements, TNCs – on food production and availability

Read pages 266 and 267 of the Blue study guide

EU and CAP –

This is all about global trade and the effect upon LEDC farmers

* The Economists in our group should be aware of these

ADDRESSING THE IMBALANCES – the role of Aid, free trade and Fair trade

go to geographyalltheway addressing the imbalances – the role of Aid, free trade and Fair trade see also Youtube vid

This is good Free trade v Fair trade and on bio/local sustainable farming. Role of Food Aid..see food aid the reality
Typical questions:-

There may be short questions in the exam or it could be an essay style question ( 10 ) mark


Evaluate the relative importance of…Free Trade, Fair Trade, Food Aid in addressing food imbalances’ (10 marks)


Which has been the most important in alleviating food shortages: food aid, free trade or fair trade? [10]

see this doc which should follow the essay outline in order to answer the question.

Answer one of the questions in a group – 1 page only and link docs to this

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