Environmental impacts of modern agriculture


Is modern farming sustainable???? production is becoming a business Agribusiness –  but is it sustainable? Can the environment cope??

Producing more food link to the doc we filled in –

Many ways see pages 268-269 Blue study guide and pages 425v-427 Planet Geog.  

Mindmup very useful for revision


The ‘Green revolution ‘ –  India see geographyalltheway

Also read page 437 to 440 on the Green revolution…make sure you know what it is and the successes and failures. Make brief notes on this in plain English

Green revolution has it been a success? pros and cons

We will fill this table in to ensure we know pros cons of green rev

Factory farming killing the planet

Food production and farming – The environmental impacts are our focus but (social impacts worth bearing in mind in terms of sustainability too )…see The meatrix and This simple powerpoint Food Inc and the top TNCs who run the world’s food supply..


Link to food and health! Many people in MEDCs cannot afford good, nutritious food – fast food is now cheaper and more readily available than fresh produce – TNCs control production – not always great for us or the environment and it’s really not sustainable.

21st Farming and the environment – environmental impacts of farming – water, air, land, links to soil degradation, aesthetics, loss of biodiversity etc

AND effects on humans – physiological, communities, safety, food chains etc – summative

The Other inconvenient truth – Ted talk on agricultural impacts and sustainability only 17 mins long but worth a watch.( the end is good for suggestions on how farming and food production can be  sustainable )

I have also shared with you some spider diagrams we did last year of impacts and this revision table. Redraw new spiders for yourself using a Mindmup I set up a really useful way to briefly outline all the impacts and aa good revision tool

Agribusiness ….Effects of agribusiness and modern food production

and social impacts of agriculture which you may find useful. Sustainable yield, food miles


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