ICT in Civil Society

ICT in Civil Society

You may want to watch these anti TNC vids from various Civil Organisations

Watch geographyalltheway ICT  in civil society focus on Greenpeace  then answer the question below – chocolate companies to avoid

GreenpeaceSocial Media can save the planet this really sums up the importance of civil society saving the planet using the internet

Use of ICT in Civil Society. see these notes .Read Global Interactions 49 – 55 .

Read the answers to the question below

Compare ICT’s role in Civil Society  in USA and China

Describe the use of information and communications technology in civil society for the transmission and flow of either images, ideas, information or finance’. [10 Marks]

ICT and Civil Society good for promoting environmental awareness

Typical question :-

Examine the role of one civil society organization in fostering improved environmental management. ( 10 marks ) ( Greenpeace – See SR answer )

With reference to a case study or case studies examine how Civil Society helps promote and protect the environmental ( 10 marks ) Eg of answer ( Greenpeace and Open street map )

Examine the growth of environmental awareness as a consequence of these global interactions. ( 10 marks ) Eg of answer

For homework – Make  Notes on this worksheet 

and fill in the chart below – these are really useful docs for revision

 compare Greenpeace and Open street map

Fill  in this chart


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