Monday 12th March – Cultural diffusion

Read the following examples – linked below. Then answer question 1

  1. Are we in danger of homogenisation?

( link to urban landscapes – environmental change ) also consider rural landscape changing and homogenising.

World is changing fast due to improved technology, satellites, internet, improved transport and financial ties….more globalization and as we become more interconnected. Due to globalization different places and cultures around the world are converging and becoming similar – due to

  1. Export of “superior” culture – domination of Western cultures = Westernization/Americanization (Occidental ←→ Oriental cultures) backlash from oriental cultures/conservative Arab => Terrorism
  2. Merging of Cultures (Hybridization) through greater interconnectedness

Are we approaching a single, dominant, global culture?

Western dominance? Westernisation? especially British – language/American/music. food etc

Example 1 – Explain the process of cultural diffusion. [10 marks]

Example 2 – Examine the international diffusion of three cultural traits. [10 marks]

  1. Consumerism and culture

Brands dominate watch this video

We have to study 2 Branded commodities – we will focus on Starbucks and McDonalds – Look at the links below for general info.

Read this Info Starbucks & McDonalds see this doc too – lots of links


1.Answer the question below using the example answer above about the growth of McDonalds – get it down to 1 typed page. Do refer to some key dates and some figures.


ESSAY: Analyse the spatial and temporal pattern of one branded commodity

(10 marks )


Spatial- where did the commodity start – growth, how and why did it grow, statistics/figures, how fast is it growing , where is it’s biggest growth areas, any areas it is struggling in?


Temporal – when it started and key dates in it’s growth – use stats to highlight how quick

Read this carefully – Example answer for McDonalds

another, more concise one

Group answer 1 page


***Read these- some great egs of adapting on a local level to get customers – Egs of Glocalisation – reverse adaption of McDonalds and Starbucks at a local level


  1. Using the links, and any up to date info you can find for Starbucks, answer the same question in relation to Starbucks – use the same format as the example for McDs – get down to one typed page. You may work in pairs for this. Must be completed by end the lesson

ESSAY: Analyse the spatial and temporal pattern of one branded ( Starbucks ) commodity

(10 marks )

Example Starbucks answer

Group answer one page


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