Wed April 4th – National sovereignty

Read pages 180 to 243 – Global interactions for further information & revision

Read pages 374 – 399 Blue study guide ( course companion ) for further information

NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY – nationalism and backlash

  • Some people believe nations are far less important than they used to be.
  • The increasing flow of people, capital, goods and ideas across international boundaries illustrates the demise of nation state.
  • The growth of trading blocs like the EU and TNC’s heralds a New World Order in which individual countries are less important than before

1.What is national sovereignty?

The supreme and absolute power by which an independent state is governed and from which all specific political powers are derived combined with the right and power of regulating its internal affairs without foreign interference.

2. Who or what is threatening national sovereignty? (TNCs +Trade blocks such as EU)

Transnational Corporations: an organization with operations in a large number of countries

– They threaten the national sovereignty by:
1. Economic power coming from the ownership of assets

  1. Large employment rates – governments can not take strict measures on them as it employs such a huge percentage of its population (50 million people employed by TNCs)
  2. Using strategies such as to increase demand and increase competitiveness:

– rationalization: replacing people with machines (to reduce the employees)

– reorganization: improvements in production

– diversification: developing new products

Some TNCs profits are bigger than some countries GDP..see below*

Trade Blocks (EU):

A trade block or Union is an organized association of workers in a trade, group of trades, or profession, formed to protect and further their rights and interests.

– They threaten the national sovereignty by:

  1. abiding the national government to multilateral legislations (ex. International Court of Human rights)
  2. Controlling/introducing quotas of production – (ex. allocating specific quantities to each farmers/producers)

Examples of TNC’s and EU.


Domestic laws in the U.K are affected by the laws set by the E.U : e.g deporting people from the U.K violates “human rights”. The E.U overrule the decisions of national courts. e.g  An illegal immigrant in the UK is using his 5 children and human rights to fight deportation. (See link here

How does the EU affect the UK?

Nutty EU laws

Crazy EU rules

for a most recent news article)

See this article – How the EU affects UK

UK losing number plates

GM seeds introduced

latest 20th March

UK number plates axed

Latest on EU March 2016


French Brie must be refrigerated.

UK playground closed due to  EU rules

Speed limit put on children’s roundabouts

The single market means UK citizens are free to move, live, study and trade anywhere within the EU

– EU energy labels have also been introduced on all electrical goods like washing machines and even light bulbs to try to make us all more aware of what energy we’re using eg. Light bulbs across the EU now have to be energy-efficient and have ratings

– Every EU state must stick to rules on fishing set by Europe (Only allowed to fish for certain types of fish at certain times of the year to conserve stocks)

– Germany and UK have trouble introducing an immigration/integration policy/politics because it must coincide with European rules. A good organised immigration/integration policy/politics can only work, when the EU establishes one.

EU- Brexit?? UK referendum on whether to stay in or leave EU for good.

EU, which started out to control over production in farming with their common agricultural policy ( CAP ) ( Common market )  turned into an economic union ( EEC ) and has morphed and extended it’s power to challenge and control many aspects of society in UK and other EU member states..( human rights, laws, migration, Aid, manufacturing, food industry, packaging, health and safety, transport etc ) Fear of losing our identity and having to answer to this huge faceless trading block…losing Diversity and becoming in Homogenous..!!

UK referendum – all you need to know from the BBC

Why Britain should leave EU – simple reasons

Why the UK wants to leave the EU

Latest from a financial point of view

Link to Marian le Pen

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