The power of TNCs and responses to loss of National Sovereignty


*- Walmart’s GDP is as big as Belgium

*- McDonald’s revenues are as big as Latvia

the rise of corporate global power TNCs

Corporations versus countries !

TNC Useful Links

10 companies own all of the world’s food brands

Power of TNCs – Walmart

If Walmart were a country, they would be the 25th largest economy in the world.

Walmart is the biggest retailers in the world, Walmart is the largest overall employer in the USA, and the biggest employer in 25 states.Each week nearly one-third of the U.S. population visits Walmart’s U.S. stores.China’s exports to Walmart accounted for 11% of the growth of the total US trade deficit with China between 2001 and 2006.

Mindblowing facts about Walmart
TNCs the balance sheet:


Countries are losing their ability to rule themselves, ie losing national sovereignty

  1. to trade blocks (UK and EU) or TNCs (USA)

– EU now has power over UK, TNCs dominate USA


  • TNCs fund campaigning in eg USA for presidents etc, they then have to listen to the TNC and its demands or else…..



see National sovereignty doc

EU globalisation versus Nationalism

Youtube links to videos Rise of Nationalism

Nationalism simplified

EU and the rise of Nationalism

Latest news – Norway – vigilante groups patrol N sea to stop migrants

Sweden – rise of nationalism

Paris attacks

protest – UK against EU, migration

– Civil Society –> Greenpeace against Shell, Nestle etc – largely environment and labour exploitation

– Occupy wall street –> anti TNC/Corporate Finance

– Growth of nationalism eg ‘buy british’ = local, organic –> goes against agribusiness, anti GM foods –> monsanto – Local languages encouraged eg Welsh and Gaelic…Scotland now fed up with EU and want to devolve ( leave UK) and become independent.

Rise of UK nationalist party in UK – demonstrations

Knights of Odin in Finland

Hungary and Austria close borders against EU rules

Greece! backlash against EU – threatens to leave

EU- Brexit?? UK referendum June 24th 2016 – vote on whether to stay in or leave EU for good. – Crisis point for the EU – Many countries feel not only that they are losing their Sovereignty but their cultural identity


Growth of Nationalism:- see pages 381 – 384 Blue study guide

Because things are getting more homogenous and people are losing their sense of identity


At one time the freedom fighters ( IRA ) were terrorising the British population as they did not want to be part of UK and ruled by London. The spread of Gaelic speakers and Gaelic in the curriculum to strengthen their culture before it is lost. Gaelic football and Hurling are now more popular than ever as people are identifying more with their own heritage and culture than imports such as baseball from USA or football from England. Embracing their own culture and heritage  – response to Globalisation.



– Timor island colonised by Portugal in the early 1500’s, Netherlands took control of the northern parts in early 1600’s, divided between (east/west) the two nations since 1800’s.

– The UN forces came into east Timor in 2000 and established an independent government



– Inuits now have their own land called the Nunavut. There are approximately 25,000 Inuits living there.Radio station schools speaking Nanavut..


Former Yugoslav Republic (FYR)

– The Allied nation from World War II mashed up six republics into one. After the early 1980s, tension built up and a war broke out. After 1995, six different nations were formed.


PPT Anti globalization movements

Anti globalist movements

Is anti globalisation on the rise?


Anti globalisation Protests

– Tea Party Movement in the United States protested against Obama’s policies like bailing out the American automobile industries and banking, taxation, and trying to promote Obamacare.

– Protest against GM crops in Washington at the Parliament House

– G20 Toronto Summit Protest, protested against poverty and anti-capitalism-

– Lufthansa employees strike for better salary and working conditions as well as retirement, many employees (pilots and stewardesses) are walking off.

-Japanese study says that the Chinese are polluting mount Fuji. (Japanese protesting against this).

Green Peace: Protesting against the deforestation of palm trees for Palm Oil. Use of Social Media &

-riots in Kiev (Ukraine) against the government that was pro-Russia.

– Many countries eg Ireland, Scotland, want to become more independent –> don’t want to belong to England anymore, want their own language, culture etc.

– Western nations want to become more balanced and self-reliant. They want to stop outsourcing their jobs, factories etc.

– G8- Summit – Mass protest in Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland

– Animal rights advocates protesting in the U.S. to draw attention to the unbearable conditions the dogs are in animal shelters.


see the battle for Seattle WTO link and Naomi Klein link No Logo!


  • Brazil is now banning advertisements

(See anti globalisation links on Diigo)


Anti globalisation movement (AGM)

The AGM is a term used to describe a variety of protesters against globalization.

Largely anti-corporate protests –> against eg Starbucks, Microsoft, Nestle

Some people claim that the AGM is for Globalization but at a slower pace.


People’s global action (PGA)

The PGA is not an organization, has no members. It acts as a portal for information exchange on anti-globalization movements.

Spread information about eg government summits etc.

Focuses on mainly human and environmental rights issues such as: economic globalisation, exploitation, gender inequalities, oppression of ethnic groups and indigenous people, environment, culture, education, militarisation, migration etc.


Another response to globalisation is the backlash to the movement of people


Responses to Migration – we did this – Mexico to USA read pages 386 to 388 Blue study guide.

some countries are making it harder to get in and restricting movement by closing their borders and have very strict border controls, eg Japan and USA most often require work permit for people to move in. The UK wants to close off their borders due to the large influx of Eastern Europeans and other nationalities, however they can’t because of the EU rulings and legislation on this

  • Case Study of stricter border control: MEXICO & USA;  anti-migration and tightening of borders.


Global interactions at local level – Rise of NGOs and Civil society in response to globalisation and corporate response re Glocalization – see pages 389 – 399 blue study guide and answer the questions. We have covered a lot re Glocalisation

McDs and Starbucks efforts to Glocalise See pages 390 – 399 blue study guide for more egs glocalisation


Cost of globalization

inequality globally

brands/cheap clothes and exploitation

TNCs  and tax

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