Globalisation at a local level

Today we will look at egs of Global interactions at a local level

Make sure you can define and state the difference between ‘Globalisation’ and ‘Glocalisation’

Global interactions at local level – Rise of NGOs and Civil society in response to globalisation and corporate response re Glocalization – see pages 389 – 399 blue study guide and answer the questions. We have covered a lot re Glocalisation

McDs and Starbucks efforts to Glocalise See pages 390 Р399 in Blue study guide for more egs glocalisation. Egs of  Glocalization by TNCs

1 Glocalization

Distinguish between Glocalization and Globalization – learn the definitions of both and how they differ – read IB study guide page 217

Read pages 211 to 217 in Global interactions


Tesco’s glocalisation strategy

Non food glocalisation

Adaption of Glocalization

Read page 182 in the IB study guide and pages 218 to 220 in Global interactions Create a spider diagram listing factors affecting the rate of adoption of globalisation and glocalisation. This is the Mindmup we worked on. Please read over.



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