We have one last little bit of Globalisation work to cover, so please work on the following yourselves and for homework this weekend. Follow the instructions below

3. Local responses to Globalisation

Chapter from Globalisation book

Look at the response of Global Civil Society to Globalisation…read pages 224 and 225 and look at the table on page 225 – you will fill in the sheets and simplify the data from the table.

We will look at the different egs of Civil Society, which you will add to the top of the sheet.

Go to 228 in ‘Global interactions’ read pages 228 to 230 – look at the Costs & benefits of Globalised production and compared it with Local commercial, production. You should make a copy of this cost/benefit table of local versus global production and fill it in with simple notes.

Please watch ‘slow food nation’ videos, which are a local backlash against global, fast food – they are only short!. Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3   

4. Alternatives to Globalisation 

Read Chapter from Globalisation book – part 1 and part 2

This is about a non globalised society.  You need to do is study a non globalised society – people who have minimal contact with the outside world and live alternative lifestyle – Read pages 240 to 243 and answer questions 1 to 4.on page 243.

For homework this weekend please answer this question ‘ Evaluate the quality of life of a contemporary non-globalised society.’ 10 marks. Please make a good plan, clear intro and paragraphs and a good solid conclusion and evaluation – remember you are evaluating throughout too.

You can use Mongolia from the chapter in the book but not a great deal in there.

If you want do it on the Amish they are a great example and so easy to evaluate pros and cons of their lifestyle. Another article on Amish (advantages and disadvantages of being non globalised What’s good about their way of life and what they may be missing out on or not enjoying from globalisation)

Short video on Amish lifestyle

Not all Amish anti technology

I will take this in on Monday – April 16th.

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