Homework – Grade 10 I&S – ATL folios – links to presentations and comments on TSCs

For homework this weekend please make sure you decide on how you are going to present your Market failure analysis.

You should also have added comments on your TSCs identifying which ATLs we will focus on for the assignment see links below.

TSC 10 – 1

TSC 10 – 4 

You should also decide what one or two particular things you would like to focus on yourself in creating or presenting your presentation and write them on the docs below. We will use these for peer assessment and feedback

Links to presentations and feedback sheet 10 -1 & 10 – 4

You need to create an ATL portfolio to keep track of the skills you are honing and acquiring over the course of the year. You may use a copy of the one you did last year if you were happy with that and maybe also keep your gr 9 one to refer to later ( to see how you are progressing)

10 – 1

10 – 4


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