Behaviourism – conditioning and manipulation

Behaviourism – conditioning and manipulation


Today you will continue our look at human behaviour, in particular ‘Conditioning’ 

Behaviourism is affecting behaviour through conditioning

Work with a partner for today so get into pairs or a 3 if odd numbers.

Jot down your answers and suggestions on a google doc and hyperlink it to this doc using your names – we will go through these next lesson

Read this article  Classic conditioning  

Now watch the video on Pavlov’s work

Pavlov’s dog

  1. Can you think of any examples of conditioned response you might have developed.

Watch this more Recent version of this experiment. Work with a partner and do the following:-

2. Now see if you can come up with a simple experiment similar to the above.

Now watch a similar experiment on a human by Watson and Rayner – Little Albert

3. What’s your reaction to an experiment like this on the baby.

4. Can it be justified to use experiments like this in the pursuit of scientific knowledge or human behaviour.

5. What might the consequences be for this little boy’s behaviour because of his conditioning?

Operant conditioning

6. Think of some examples of positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement that you know have been effective with you.

Operant behaviour and morality. Watch these 2 monkeys – testing fairness experiment….they aren’t daft are they? We will look more at this next lesson.

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