Bystander effect

Moral dilemmas….when would we do something?? Brainstorm factors on why people help someone that they perceive to be in need.  Bystanderism:  why do some people not help someone in need?  Introduction to the  bystander effector bystander intervention, ask yourself what you would do in each of the seven situations and why.

Bystanderism intervention reading looking at the factors that influence whether or not someone helps when a person is in need.  Be able to explain and identify at least 3 of the following factors and explain how each affects bystanderism:diffusion of responsibility, social influence, audience inhibition, arousal, cost-reward, similarity, mood, competence and experience. Which factor(s) do you think plays the greatest role?

Watch the video on the death of Kitty Genovese which led to research by Latane and Darley, and write a quick synopsis of what happened.

Link to questionnaire

Lesson  Bystander effect cont

Time for everyone to catch up on the Bystander reading.  Share your synopses of the Kitty Genovese murder after watching the following video on the incident.

Read the handout on Observation and start to think of the observational study you would like to conduct for Monday’s class.

Watch and observe the action in the clip in class on one situation, and record what you think is most important to remember about what you have observed.  Compare your notes with your classmates at your table, similar or different?  Are there any ethical considerations in the data that you have collected?  How could you make sense of the data?  Bring your findings to class tomorrow and be sure that you read and annotate the handout on Observations.

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