Manipulation of behaviour – Most people are sheep – ‘Conformity’

Read this ‘sheep effect’ and see link below for the video
The elevator test – conformity
Most people are sheep
People stop eating when the lights go on

Manipulation of behaviour – Marketing/advertising

Manipulating human behaviour – use this info as basis for introducing manipulation of behaviour  

Manipulating behaviour advertising –

Manipulating behaviour suggestion – Derren Brown & Simon Pegg

Mind manipulation vid

10 revealing principals of human behaviour

Advertisers tricks to make you buy stuff

Advertising and psychology

5 psychological tactics marketers use to influence consumer behaviour

7 tricks advertisers use to make us spend more money

How we are manipulated

Tricks of advertising

How advertisers get you to remember ads

How advertisers manipulate

How colours affect purchases

This is the summative – 9-1 will complete this and present on Sept 18th and 9-4 will complete and present on Sept 20th

This is an example of one I like

Please add links to your works cited here 

Peer feedback sheets 9A 

Peer feedback sheet 9D

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