Homework – Consequences of megacity growth

Today we discussed some of the issues/consequences that arise from rapid growth of cities and overpopulation in LEDCs. All cities have similar consequences. I handed you photocopies from 2 books to help and you also made some notes.

I also went through how to write an essay so make sure you plan it well and are as concise as possible. 

Remember to use the mark criteria too and have your parents read it before handing in.

For homework & in lieu of Fri class you will answer the question – ‘With reference to a specific case study ( in this case it is Mumbai) discuss the consequences of migration into a megacity’’ ( 10 marks)

It must be no more than 3 handwritten sides or 2 typed sides using 12 font.

It is due Fri 21st.

Don’t forget that you also need to make a copy and define all the Key terms in this doc.

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