Introduction to Memory and Research Methods for Psychology.  We will look at memory and what affects it before we introduce our music and memory experiment.

Before we start I want you to think of as many things as possible that may affect or influence your ability to remember – do this pairs or groups. Spend 10 minutes on this and add your thoughts to this doc.

You should use your headphones to watch the following video :- watch and listen carefully –  Elizabeth Loftus’ Ted Talk

In your pair or group discuss the questions on this doc and add some answers under the questions.

Now take a piece of scrap paper  – There are large A3 sheets of recycled paper on the front desk.

Some of the following tests require you to write what your answers down. In pairs do some memory tests – follow the instructions. These are only samples of tests so when the lesson is finished you can bin the scraps of paper.

If any tests require you to call out answers please do these at home, not in class.

You can do any number of tests and choose which ones you want. You will not be marked on this it is merely to get you to think about memory and testing.

Some you will need to do with a partner and time the test.

You will not get all of them done in class but do try a few at home over the weekend.

Understanding short term memory through a letter recall activity.

Looking at the phenomenon called the Stroop Effect.

Short term memory test

Memory for faces??

Memory test 1-  visual memory

Speed memory test

Impossible Memory test

Please watch the video fun memory test.  but stop it 30 seconds in and instead of drawing what is on a US penny draw what is on a 10 yen coin or another coin you use regularly – either the back or front – do it on scrap paper. Give yourself 5 minutes then compare what you drew to the real thing. How well did you do? Then proceed with the video and see how well you do with the tests. It is not being marked – just getting an idea about memory and testing.

How observant are you?

So how observant are people?


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