COVER WORK GRADE 10 A Monday 7&8 and 10D Wednesday 1&2

Grade 10 – COASTS

Today you will have a cover teacher. You will be starting to look at some of the processes at work on the coastline.

You will start by looking at how coasts are ERODED. You need to understand the processes of erosion

Please read the first 2 pages of this document (p26 & 27  Waugh)

Activities :

  1. On the paper your cover teacher will hand out – please draw the 4 processes as a cartoon – You can’t use words. You can use coloured pens or pencils and they should be neat. Simply draw what you think best explains this process. You don’t need to give it a title – we can compare drawings next lesson.
  2. Next – Make sure you have read all about the features created by erosion on pages 26 & 27 and use the internet to find examples of these landforms, which are emboldened in the text. You should create a doc and find a photo of each – paste it on the doc along with it’s citation and maybe a small map beside it showing it’s location. You might have seen some of these landforms on your holidays and have photos already. Make sure you have examples of all of the landforms below on your doc by next lesson – so use your time wisely today.
  • Headlands and bays
  • Caves
  • Arches or sea arches
  • Stacks
  • Stumps
  • Wave cut platforms
  • Wave cut notches

Hope all goes well. I will check you have done the above next lesson.

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