Grade 9 cover work Friday Nov 2nd – ATL reflections and Intro to history

Part 1 – Reflection on last assignment

  1. Look at the PDF that outlines the ATLs.
  1. Pick 2 specific skills from each of the different skill clusters that you feel you developed while working on this assignment.
  2. Post a video explaining how you developed each skill, providing evidence from your process and/or product.

E.g. Skill 1: The first skill I’d like to talk about is from the Thinking Skills cluster, specifically, Developing Arguments under Critical Thinking Skills. I feel I developed this through…evidence…etc.

You could use flipgrid to do this and link it to your ATL portfolio.  If you don’t want to do a video then simply reflect on your ATL portfolio.

Part 2 –  Intro to History

  1. Choose Three History Bites episodes from the list here, which you can then find here and watch.

You need to note the techniques they’re using to present the history in a fun and interesting way, as well as how they see aspects of social history which we will be looking at in class. Again you can do this on flipgrid or notes.


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