Using OPPLV to help analyse political cartoons

You were asked to find a recent political cartoon from the news.

  1. You should print it out on an A3 sheet (with plenty of room around it for annotations the image ) and annotate using OPPVL. 
  2. Remember you should use the worksheet , as a checklist to make sure you cover everything in your analysis.
  3. State what you think the overall message of the cartoon is.
  4. Once you have finished annotating your cartoon please scan it and add this links on this page
  5. You will have 2 minutes to present this to this class next lesson so make sure you are prepared and check over once again that you’ve covered everything. Note! If you don’t want to stand in front of the class it’s OK to sit at your desk and address your cartoon projected on the screen as the cable is long enough to reach all desks.
  6. Both 9A & 9D will present their cartoons next Monday 19th Nov ( There is no lesson this Thurs due to tech days)

When you have finished you will do a reflection about the skills you think you are focusing on and developing. See this doc  Google doc where students have identified some obvious ATLs for this unit.



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