Make sure you have completed your notes on – Effects on The Biosphere – Using Geographyalltheway this and Geopods (If you see a useful map/ image etc screenshot it and add to your notes or mindmup) Also watch this, which I have just tagged

Changes in the Biosphere

  1. spatial changes in biomes, habitats and animal migration patterns
    • Plant migration
    • changes in animal migration
    • resistance of insects, pest and disease
  1. changes to agriculture, including crop yields, limits of cultivation, soil erosion
    • Explain the changing trends
    • Importance of soil
    • Emergence of new arable land

Answer this question = State and explain one change to agriculture caused by global climate change. [1 + 2]

Then make notes on:-

Changes in the Atmosphere

Climate change & …. incidence and severity of extreme weather events, including drought

  1. Incidence and severity of extreme weather events, including drought
    • Explain the causes of increased weather events like hurricanes, floods and droughts
    • Explain the increasing severity

WE WILL LOOK AT  Changes on people and places next lesson

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