Homework – due Tues Dec 11th

Please answer one of the following questions. Write a plain English translation of the question underneath it. Define key words and write thesis in the intro ( this is stating what you will cover ). The intro should not have any facts or figures in it. It should be brief and too the point.

Make sure you understand the command term – refer to the terms I shared with you from the IB. Please read glossary of terms and learn what they mean as you will be asked to answer questions using them in all the exams.

Make a plan of the essay and make sure you use paragraphs. Get to the point using plain, clear and concise English. Make sure you use subject appropriate terminology.

Read over and edit work then give it the parent test before you hand it in next Tuesday 11th. 

1.“Climate change will kill people.” To what extent do you agree with this statement? (10)

2. Global climate change will eventually become the main reason for human migration. Discuss. (10)

3. “The consequences of Global Climate Change will primarily impact low income countries” To what extent do you agree with this statement? (10)

4. Evaluate the consequences of Global Climate Change on the biosphere. (10)

5. Using one or more named examples, examine the impact of climate change on the human population. (10)


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