Sustainability in the home

Statement of Inquiry:

In order to create a more sustainable community, we must be innovators.”

Working towards sustainability

  1. Energy saving

How you could save energy in your home?  It has to have a practical application

How will you implement the ideas ( put them into place) – get family on board, ie how would you make them do it?

            2. Can you do anything else which will make your household more sustainable? Identify other resources you can focus on managing more sustainably. 

           3. Can you take your ideas to the wider community?

Think about conservation, recycling, reduction, reuse, substitution

This is a presentation….a video or powerpoint with video links…to be completed individually – maximum 5 minutes long. Be creative!!

Due Feb 14th 9A and 9D – or for those going to Spain have it ready by the 18th.


Please add links to your presentations and to planning  docs on here 9A & 9D

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