‘Introduction to Edo Japan’ (political and class structure) and the Edo History Project

For information on the period read the following – a brief history –  Japan Times from Edo to Meiji  / From Edo to Meiji Restoration. Then take the virtual tour of Edo, paying particular attention to the sections on Senkakuji: The Temple of the 47 Samurai and Ryogoku: The Home of Sumo and the station we will be going to on Tuesday. Now watch the videos on Edo Japan (Part 1Part 2 and Part 3Part 4Part 5  & Part 6  about eight minutes each for a little more insight into Edo).

We will be going on a fieldtrip to the Edo Museum on Tues April 9th . Please have your parents sign the permission slip and state whether you will meet at Ishikawacho or Ryogoku.

Your homework for the weekend is to go through the Virtual tour of Edo.

Here is a link to some basic details about Edo

Sustainable Edo

Visualising cultures – wood block prints or Ukiyo-e. This is useful for images illustrating the changes

History of ukiyo-e and it’s spread

Famous Japanese Ukiyo-e prints 

Heroes of Ukiyo-e

Ukiyo-e heroes kickstarter

We will look at some of these and discuss how useful they are, also look at a framework for analyzing visual texts, “The Five C’s,” .  Using the checklist on there you will start to analyse your image. You will also go through and focus on evaluation using  OPPVL  . 

You need to be able to fully analyse and evaluate as you will be doing this after we come back from the Edo museum when you present an analysis of the 1 thing you took a picture of.

You will then do a summative, in class essay, which is based on sources.

A useful link for sources 

Ukioy-e from Edo to Meiji


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