Tues June 11th

I am absent on Tuesday 11th June so you will have a cover teacher. Please do the following:-

Go to this site Traveller IQ challenge¬†¬†¬†which takes you to the ‘world challenge’

It’s against the clock so it’s quick and just aim your cursor at where you think the place is and ‘enter’. This will shoot a dart. Start with the ‘world challenge’ game and see how far you can progress up the levels. If you fail to move up to the next level you will have to start again. Don’t click the link to ‘TravelPod’ just refresh your browser to start again. Do this every time you want to retry.

Remember to take a screen shot every time you complete a level as proof you got there. At the end of the double period take a screen shot of the final level you reach. Prize for the one who goes furthest.

If you get sick of the world quiz try one of the others at the top of the page!

See you Thursday!

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