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Homework Friday 21st April and class Monday 24th April

I know you are all busy, so for next lesson please have only the following graphs done:- gradient of beaches, wave height and wave frequency, size and roundness of material.

Selecting photos to use in analysis would be useful over thee weekend.

NOTE – You can leave the wind rose graphs, longshore drift graph, Moh’s scale graph till later.
We will start analysis of hyp 1 on Monday

Graphing & Analysis

You should be graphing this week and make sure you complete any graphs over the weekend. Your analysis will take you 2 weeks. Please note that you should be finished this by the week starting 8th May. That week you will complete the conclusion and evaluation.

The whole study is due in, completed by Friday 12th May without fail. No extensions.


Please make sure that you work on your method this weekend. We will work on it in class too but there is a lot to fit in and manipulating photos etc takes time. It should be complete by next Friday, 14th April. The people I did not see about your intro I will sit down with you next lesson ( Monday ) so make sure the intro’s are complete and that you have followed the guide I shared with you.

Wed April 5th lesson

Today you will have a cover teacher. You a know what you are doing today. You complete the introduction, including maps for Thursdays lesson. I will check these when I get back. Please make sure your writing is clear and concise.

Introduction to I/A completed by Wed 5th April

At the weekend please make sure you read the Internal Assessment guide I gave you. Please draw maps of Japan, Izu peninsula and a local map showing the 2 survey areas ( beaches ). If you use coloured pencil press on hard and use solid colour as it will fade when you scan. I will check all of you have completed your maps by Monday’s lesson.

On Monday and Wednesday you need to introduce your fieldwork. See the guide to coursework doc. You will complete the intro by end of Wednesday’s lesson.

I will be out on Wed with the gr 9’s so I will check that your introductions are complete on Thursday.


Monday 27th March. Shimoda trip preparations.

Please read over the notes I shared with you on processes 

We have already looked ta dunes last lesson and will briefly look at other features of deposition – spits and some different types of mitigation used on coastlines and that you might see. I have shared a folder ‘Coastal management’ with you, which has lots of information on different types of mitigation. Please take a look at these.

This is the Shimoda doc, which has lots of details about the trip, method and survey areas.

We will decide on our hypotheses to support our research question.

Maps to be done by Mon April 3rd, so that’s your homework this weekend.

Meet ing at Ishikawacho at 7.40 at the latest Tuesday. see permission letter 

Please see the check list for the trip and also make sure you have swimming gear and wetsuits if you want if you are going in the water. Towels too. The guest house does not provide towels or soap so please bring these too …and snacks.


Coastal landforms – Of emergence and submergence

Today we will look at coastal landforms and look at those caused by sea level change Rias and Fjords – these are features of submergence. We will also look at Raised beaches. If you are absent get notes from your friends and look at the information on this doc (go to Physical characteristics ) about Emergence and submergence – 

Read  Planet Geog p 251 to 253 and make notes on these features.