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Oil – it’s uses, reducing use and environmental consequences of the demand for this resource.

See Overall resources doc

Today we will look at the main uses of oil and how we can reduce the amount we use through reducing, conserving, substitution etc and the environmental impacts of oil drilling, transport and use ( inc plastics which are now 989% of world’s pollution and do not biodegrade!)


What areas of life do we use oil? How do we use oil? Nearly every area of life is reliant on oil…so we need to reduce use as it’s bad for the environment and it’s running out…it also causes geopolitical tension


Discuss all the cons of using drilling/transporting and burning oil and all it’s uses today – look at benefits of alternatives ( see pages 252 – 257 in Key Geog & 128 – 131 in Wider World )  

You could get a question like this :-

Discuss the environmental consequences of increasing international demand for one raw material. [15 marks]

Deepwater horizon is a good example of this see Geographyaltheway

See info here

Sustainability and the environment

Please read over the powerpoint again on Australia and also go through the Sustainability section in Geographyalltheway-  info and take basic notes also read the articles and watch videos regarding Conservation Strategies  to answer this question:-

”Evaluate a management strategy at a local or national scale designed to achieve environmental sustainability.’ 15 marks

Plan answer well, be concise and to the point. Due Thursday 30th November.

Thurs period 1 – Test & Period 2 – Soil degradation.

Good luck with your tests on Thurs period 1. Mr McKeown will hand you the test papers and collect in. You have 35 minutes to complete 1 question.

In period 2 –  I want you to go to Geographyalltheway – desertification as soil degradation.

User name  =  yokohama  & password  = international ( both lower case )

Please watch the short video and read the links and notes, then answer the 15mark essay style question:-

‘Using a named and located example, discuss the management of soil degradation’ 

Use the notes that need organising and the graphic essay organiser to help you plan and structure your essay. Print it out and make notes or simply follow it’s format.

If you want you could also do some quick research of your own to add to this. This should be completed for homework over the weekend if you don’t get it finished.

Work for Fri Nov 3rd.

Please go to the global warming doc I shared with you.

We did up to ‘Albedo’…so read this link and the links from there onwards to the end, and use the info to help answer the questions below. I have also added links to Planet Geog etc on the doc for you to refer to.

I have shared links to past paper qstns on Environment so please  ( see this link)

Do the following questions in pairs except qstn 6, which is your homework and to be individually. Before you answer write out the questions in full above the answer so it will be useful for revision later.

  1. Make sure you are able to draw a simple annotated diagram of the Greenhouse effect and global warming, which has detail of the short and long waves, causes &  gases. You may need to do this in an exam but they may write it like this. “Explain the energy flows involved in the Greenhouse effect”( see May 2014 qstn 3 c)
  2. Define ‘Albedo’
  3. Now answer question 13 from May 2011 paper
  4. Then answer qstn 3 c) May 2012
  5. Answer 3 c) May 2015
  6. Go to this Mindmup . and make yourselves a copy. Then read this doc, which has a random list of some things we can do to combat global warming. Please copy and paste the suggestions onto your mindmup and then categorise them ( like we did with the Somalian famine mindmup ). Some are repetitions so please edit to avoid this. You may add some of your own if you get finished and have the time to do some quick research.
  7. For homework answer this 15 mark, essay style question ” global warming is essentially a human induced phenomenon” Discuss (15 marks)

I will take in the homework on Tuesday. 

I have shared lots of articles on Diigo so please take a quick look when you have a moment

Sustainable agriculture and food miles.


To what extent is modern agriculture sustainable?

Energy efficiency and sustainable yield.- define these and make notes on what they mean with ref to examples.

Is modern farming Sustainable? and how can it become sustainable? read past paper qstns below

Focus on production and food miles – carbon footprint Food miles qstns

Sustainable food supply and food miles  

food miles as an indicator of agricultural impacts on the environment

sustainable food Todmorden Incredible edible!! and their food conference locally

Link to this doc

Link to Mind map – sufficiency

Sustainable food supply suggestionsvideo

You will only ever have a 10 mark qstn for this so you need concise examples to get to the point in a short essay answer.

More info on this – Food supply booklet – This is old/outdated but ideal for revision…needs one or two additions…some points missed

Past paper food and health questions 

Create a table for ways in which modern farming isn’t sustainable and ways it can be or is

For homework – Answer qstn 12) d)  Nov 2012 and Qstn 12) d Nov 2013

due Tues 31st October.