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Sustainable agriculture and food miles.


To what extent is modern agriculture sustainable?

Energy efficiency and sustainable yield.- define these and make notes on what they mean with ref to examples.

Is modern farming Sustainable? and how can it become sustainable? read past paper qstns below

Focus on production and food miles – carbon footprint Food miles qstns

Sustainable food supply and food miles  

food miles as an indicator of agricultural impacts on the environment

sustainable food Todmorden Incredible edible!! and their food conference locally

Link to this doc

Link to Mind map – sufficiency

Sustainable food supply suggestionsvideo

You will only ever have a 10 mark qstn for this so you need concise examples to get to the point in a short essay answer.

More info on this – Food supply booklet – This is old/outdated but ideal for revision…needs one or two additions…some points missed

Past paper food and health questions 

Create a table for ways in which modern farming isn’t sustainable and ways it can be or is

For homework – Answer qstn 12) d)  Nov 2012 and Qstn 12) d Nov 2013

due Tues 31st October.


Environmental impacts of modern agriculture


Is modern farming sustainable???? production is becoming a business Agribusiness –  but is it sustainable? Can the environment cope??

Producing more food link to the doc we filled in –

Many ways see pages 268-269 Blue study guide and pages 425v-427 Planet Geog.  

Mindmup very useful for revision


The ‘Green revolution ‘ –  India see geographyalltheway

Also read page 437 to 440 on the Green revolution…make sure you know what it is and the successes and failures. Make brief notes on this in plain English

Green revolution has it been a success? pros and cons

We will fill this table in to ensure we know pros cons of green rev

Factory farming killing the planet

Food production and farming – The environmental impacts are our focus but (social impacts worth bearing in mind in terms of sustainability too )…see The meatrix and This simple powerpoint Food Inc and the top TNCs who run the world’s food supply..


Link to food and health! Many people in MEDCs cannot afford good, nutritious food – fast food is now cheaper and more readily available than fresh produce – TNCs control production – not always great for us or the environment and it’s really not sustainable.

21st Farming and the environment – environmental impacts of farming – water, air, land, links to soil degradation, aesthetics, loss of biodiversity etc

AND effects on humans – physiological, communities, safety, food chains etc – summative

The Other inconvenient truth – Ted talk on agricultural impacts and sustainability only 17 mins long but worth a watch.( the end is good for suggestions on how farming and food production can be  sustainable )

I have also shared with you some spider diagrams we did last year of impacts and this revision table. Redraw new spiders for yourself using a Mindmup I set up a really useful way to briefly outline all the impacts and aa good revision tool

Agribusiness ….Effects of agribusiness and modern food production

and social impacts of agriculture which you may find useful. Sustainable yield, food miles


Production & markets, The Role of Aid, Free trade, Fair trade

PRODUCTION & MARKETS – Effect of – Trade barriers, subsidies and agreements, TNCs – on food production and availability

Read pages 266 and 267 of the Blue study guide

EU and CAP –

This is all about global trade and the effect upon LEDC farmers

* The Economists in our group should be aware of these

ADDRESSING THE IMBALANCES – the role of Aid, free trade and Fair trade

go to geographyalltheway addressing the imbalances – the role of Aid, free trade and Fair trade see also Youtube vid

This is good Free trade v Fair trade and on bio/local sustainable farming. Role of Food Aid..see food aid the reality
Typical questions:-

There may be short questions in the exam or it could be an essay style question ( 10 ) mark


Evaluate the relative importance of…Free Trade, Fair Trade, Food Aid in addressing food imbalances’ (10 marks)


Which has been the most important in alleviating food shortages: food aid, free trade or fair trade? [10]

see this doc which should follow the essay outline in order to answer the question.

Answer one of the questions in a group – 1 page only and link docs to this

Food deficiency and famine

Food sufficiency & modern agriculture – we discussed how we are growing more – green revolution and agribusiness

Despite the fact we are able to grow more crops we aren’t necessarily feeding more people  – cash crops, food for cattle, bio fuels and trade groups – more people go hungry.

Geographic reasons for food deficiency and security = Demographic, social, economic, environmental, political.

Food deficiency and insecurity is not just dependent upon the weather and climate ( physical reasons and environmental soil, type of land marginal areas, sub sahara) but linked to political ( government structure, stability, ability to help, war, terrorists etc ) demographic ( population growth and  migration) social ( poverty, lack of skills knowledge, health etc) and economic ( economy of a country LEDC/MEDC, infrastructure, wealth, farming system – commercial or subsistence etc)

Causes of food insecurity/availability

Food questions

Further reading – read over this for further information on food insecurity in Ethiopia and India

Further reading Global food emergency and what can be done. This mentions some ways to redress the imbalance and alleviate food shortages but we also consider the role of food aid, fair trade, Free Trade along with this

FAMINE  – An extreme case of food insecurity

Famine – Somalia – go to geographyallthe way – Famine

Read the information and watch the videos and read all links. Then complete the following:-

Task 1 – Make sure you note the definitions of starvation, temporary hunger and then define Famine

Task 2 – Note down the difference between Food emergency and Famine

Task 3 – You need to click on the mindmeister link below, which will take you to a mind map of the Somalian famine…click on links embedded in it for further info. Read carefully all the reasons for the Famine.

Famine –  see this doc on Somalia

This is the most recent eg of a famine in Nigeria ( Nov 2016 ) caused/exacerbated by Politics and terrorist groups

Now answer this question on famine:-

Examine the variety of causes of a recent famine (within 10 years) [10 marks]

In an exam it could be written slightly different, eg

‘With reference to a case study discuss the causes of Famine’ ( 10 marks)

or they could ask this:-

They could ask what appears to be a harder question like the one below – we can discuss this together and break it down before answering next class ( political causes and involvement )

“There is no such thing as an apolitical food problem..” Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize Winning Economist. Discuss this statement with reference to the Somalian Famine of 2011. [10 Marks]

Egs of past questions here

A very good answer

Disease and spread of disease Wednesday Oct 4th

We looked at a DISEASE can use MALARIA….(see Anissa’s presentation and guide I shared with you or AIDS

Read p 277 and 278 Blue Study guide for a quick overview of Malaria 

We also have to look at ways diseases spread – read pages 274 & 275 Blue study guide and pages

Read over pages 445 to 449 in Planet Geography – stop reading at The question block on page 449. Answer questions 1 to 4 on page 449. Also answer questions 5 and 6 page 450 and questions 1 to 4 on page 454. These questions should be completed this class.

Note – We are not doing Aids but nothing to stop you reading about it

Read the section on AIDS pages 454 to 459 in Planet Geography and answer the questions on page 459.


Tues Sept 26th Disease – key words and diseases of affluence and health


Read Pages 272 – 285 for Disease – blue course companion  & Planet geog 443 – 459

  1. Key words disease  key words disease – make sure you make a copy of this then rearrange the key words with the correct definition.

Read this document and make yourself a copy

Worksheet  Global patterns of disease and health

Read pages 443 to 445 in Planet Geography and answer questions  1- 7 on page 445

     2 Read over notes on Diseases of affluence and health and this Location diseases of poverty and affluence

You should be familiar with the diseases of poverty and affluence ( wealth )

Primary healthcare – Mon 25th Sept

You were asked to do some reading and choose a primary healthcare project to focus on. That’s what you will do today.

Primary healthcare examples around the world – choose one and then make a copy of this table and transcribe the information into the relevant column. Under your table name 3 other places where primary health care is effective and briefly outline the program – do a paragraph for each.

This is to be completed by the end of the double lesson 

Primary health care

Today we focus on Primary healthcare

Primary healthcare = basic essential healthcare – one of the basic ways of prevention – See this  Mindmap which outlines the many different preventive measures

Read Pages 415 – 421 in Planet geog ch 10 – China

  1. List the benefits of primary health care. (5 points)
  2. Choose 1 case study from the ‘Primary healthcare doc’ below..where they are focusing on primary healthcare.

State:  a.Reasons for introductions for focusing on it ( 2 )

b.Evaluate the success: how effective, where are the limitations)(10 )

  1.  Name 3 other places where primary health care is effective. (3)

Primary healthcare examples around the world – choose one and then make a copy of this table and transcribe the information into the relevant column. Under your table name 3 other places where primary health care is effective and briefly outline the program – do a paragraph for each.

HOMEWORK FRI SEPT 22nd – read planet geo and choose and research case study on primary healthcare