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Homework – Grade 10 I&S – ATL folios – links to presentations and comments on TSCs

For homework this weekend please make sure you decide on how you are going to present your Market failure analysis.

You should also have added comments on your TSCs identifying which ATLs we will focus on for the assignment see links below.

TSC 10 – 1

TSC 10 – 4 

You should also decide what one or two particular things you would like to focus on yourself in creating or presenting your presentation and write them on the docs below. We will use these for peer assessment and feedback

Links to presentations and feedback sheet 10 -1 & 10 – 4

You need to create an ATL portfolio to keep track of the skills you are honing and acquiring over the course of the year. You may use a copy of the one you did last year if you were happy with that and maybe also keep your gr 9 one to refer to later ( to see how you are progressing)

10 – 1

10 – 4


Fri August 24 – 9B Nature versus Nurture cont

Lesson 2: Introduction to Psychology and the study of human behaviour.  Nature vs nurture (cont.) : What did your nature vs. nurture activity tell you?  Looking at twin studies and what they tell us.  Watch twin studies nature vs. nurture and the differences in size and weight between Cory and Eric, and how the nourishment in the womb plays a part.  Watch the following clip on twins separated at birth, then answer the following questions:

  1. What unethical decision was responsible for the situation described in this video?
  2. Can you think of situation when it might be justified to be unethical in the pursuit of scientific knowledge of genetics or evolution?
  3. What is the most powerful evidence in this video that nature is more influential than nurture in explaining, predicting, or understanding human behavior?

Here is a more detailed video of the twin girls separated at birth.  Summarize the findings of twin studies and what they can tell us about the nature vs. nurture debate.

Monday 11th Dec – Reducing our dependency on oil.

Why do we need to reduce our dependence on Oil?

Answer this question :- ‘Examine why most countries want to reduce their dependence on oil’ ( 15 marks ) 

what it means = Why we should reduce our use of oil!!

The exam board could also write this as:- ‘Suggest reasons why governments wish to reduce their dependence on oil’ ( 15 marks ) 

Using the following answers create a model answer within 1 hour.

See link for answer