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Global Interactions – Paper 3

Today we will start ‘Global interactions’ – starting with measuring Global interactions and  ‘Shrinking world’. I will hand out a workbook for each section, share notes and past papers and you as well as the ‘ Global interactions’ textbook, which you will keep until after the exams.

This section is Paper 3 and is one hour only – you answer 1 question from a choice of 3.  Each has 2 parts to it a) is 10 marks and b) is 15 marks . Here is a sample paper 

TNCs ‘ Annotated map of a product’

In today’s class we will create an ‘Annotated Map of a product’. You will start in class and complete for homework over the weekend. It is due in on Tues 6th Sept.

Choose one product with a minimum number of components ( eg: a specific sneaker model, chocolate, a lipstick, chopsticks, etc.) and create an annotated map showing where the material used in the product is from, where the  parts were made and where it was assembled. Annotations must be 10-15 words, explaining WHAT the part is and HOW it is produced. Minimum of 12 annotations should be included and all annotations should be cited.


Your map must include:

  • The company headquarters
  • at least 3 raw materials and their origin
  • at least two assembly factories
  • where do they sell products? which countries? continents? or is it worldwide?
  • At least two distribution centers
  • At least 4 transportation routes
  • A key
  • A title


-ComicLife can be used or you can hand write the annotations. is a good starting point

-Your map must include, color, a title and a key


Useful links product cycle – watch this video  supply chain management



Coasts – Emergence and Submergence

Today we looked at emergence and submergence and coasts…isostatic and eustatic changes and rias/fjords. Please finish the questions below for homework

I have shared the folder ‘ Emergence and submergence’ with you, which has pages from ‘Geog Integrated approach’ ..please read the pages and answer question 11 a,b,c,d. Please work on improving your I/A whilst my comments and feedback are still fresh in your mind.

Good luck and have a wonderful summer!