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Monday 11th Dec – Reducing our dependency on oil.

Why do we need to reduce our dependence on Oil?

Answer this question :- ‘Examine why most countries want to reduce their dependence on oil’ ( 15 marks ) 

what it means = Why we should reduce our use of oil!!

The exam board could also write this as:- ‘Suggest reasons why governments wish to reduce their dependence on oil’ ( 15 marks ) 

Using the following answers create a model answer within 1 hour.

See link for answer 

Global Interactions – Paper 3

Today we will start ‘Global interactions’ – starting with measuring Global interactions and  ‘Shrinking world’. I will hand out a workbook for each section, share notes and past papers and you as well as the ‘ Global interactions’ textbook, which you will keep until after the exams.

This section is Paper 3 and is one hour only – you answer 1 question from a choice of 3.  Each has 2 parts to it a) is 10 marks and b) is 15 marks . Here is a sample paper