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Cover work Grade 10

You are working on graphing results. At the end of the lesson you should have your gradient graph and wave height graph done( this can be done using a computer) Homework is to sort and choose the photos you will use when you show landforms and mitigation in your  analysis.

10 D if you need extra graph paper ask Trey. 10 A ask Andrew.



COVER WORK GRADE 10 A Monday 7&8 and 10D Wednesday 1&2

Grade 10 – COASTS

Today you will have a cover teacher. You will be starting to look at some of the processes at work on the coastline.

You will start by looking at how coasts are ERODED. You need to understand the processes of erosion

Please read the first 2 pages of this document (p26 & 27  Waugh)

Activities :

  1. On the paper your cover teacher will hand out – please draw the 4 processes as a cartoon – You can’t use words. You can use coloured pens or pencils and they should be neat. Simply draw what you think best explains this process. You don’t need to give it a title – we can compare drawings next lesson.
  2. Next – Make sure you have read all about the features created by erosion on pages 26 & 27 and use the internet to find examples of these landforms, which are emboldened in the text. You should create a doc and find a photo of each – paste it on the doc along with it’s citation and maybe a small map beside it showing it’s location. You might have seen some of these landforms on your holidays and have photos already. Make sure you have examples of all of the landforms below on your doc by next lesson – so use your time wisely today.
  • Headlands and bays
  • Caves
  • Arches or sea arches
  • Stacks
  • Stumps
  • Wave cut platforms
  • Wave cut notches

Hope all goes well. I will check you have done the above next lesson.


We will start doing some reports on Monopolies. Decide whether you want to do a Petcha Kucha or a news report imove.

Both 10 A due and 10 D are due Mon Oct 8th.

Add the ATLs which you are focusing on personally on the links here – 10A and 10D

Add links to your work and plan here 10 A and 10 D

Please make sure you refer to some economic terminology and theory – make sure you have read and watched the links from the last blog post to help with this.

Monopolies 10D


What are monopolies? Are monopolies good or bad? Sometimes they offer more benefits than disadvantages, other times more cons.
Think of some examples of monopolies in our community?

Watch the video below and read all the articles/slideshows

Video economics – monopolies explained simply

Monopolies slideshow

Indian railways


The importance of competition – monopolies

Monopolies diagrams

In groups of 2 or 3 find 2 real world examples of companies with a monopoly on their market:

  • One with positive social outcomes
  • One with negative social outcomes

Homework – Grade 10 I&S – ATL folios – links to presentations and comments on TSCs

For homework this weekend please make sure you decide on how you are going to present your Market failure analysis.

You should also have added comments on your TSCs identifying which ATLs we will focus on for the assignment see links below.

TSC 10 – 1

TSC 10 – 4 

You should also decide what one or two particular things you would like to focus on yourself in creating or presenting your presentation and write them on the docs below. We will use these for peer assessment and feedback

Links to presentations and feedback sheet 10 -1 & 10 – 4

You need to create an ATL portfolio to keep track of the skills you are honing and acquiring over the course of the year. You may use a copy of the one you did last year if you were happy with that and maybe also keep your gr 9 one to refer to later ( to see how you are progressing)

10 – 1

10 – 4



Market failure assessment

You all read and decided on one of these articles and we discussed some of the issues.  We can now do this as a formal assessment. So you can continue working on it and follow the layout below. Think about how you might present it. You may work with your partner or alone. You may even choose to focus on a different article if you wish. 


1) Summarise what the main point of the article is – point out any controversy

2) Explain why the market is failing to be efficient (at equilibrium)

3) Identify the private and third party costs and or benefits

4) Identify the stakeholders in the market and explain if they are hurt or helped and why

5) Explain 2 or 3 possible solutions and evaluate how well they might work given the context of the situation. Evaluate which one is best suited to address the imbalance.


You may use a diagram to explain your reasoning – look at those on the worksheet.

Judgments are made that are supported by effective and balanced reasoning.

  • Make judgments – be specific about what you think.
  • Support judgments with appropriate reasoning – explain why you came to that conclusion and mention the evidence you have for making assumptions or synthesising points.

Consider alternative points of view (be clear about specific stakeholders) or alternative outcomes to the ones you have discussed. Also support these alternatives or rank in order of priority/effectiveness. Give room for claims and their counterclaims.

Here is an example.

In groups of 2: Pick a recent article depicting a market failure and analyze it using the 5 points above. You will present your findings to the class.

  • Presentations should be between 3 and 5 minutes long
  • You may record a video

Hyperlink your presentations here.

Due date 10 -1 & 10-4 = Sept 13th

Before we start lets look at the TSC and decide on the ATLs we will focus on as a class and those you will focus on individually – You need to create an ATL folio to add to throughout the year.

TSC 10 -1 (A C & D) 

TSC 10 -4 (A C & D)