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Gr 9D Monday 14th May

Today you have a cover teacher. I want you to take the first 15 minutes of the lesson to get your ATL  checklists up to date and make sure you have written reflections and skills you have developed for all assignments. I will check these next lesson.

The rest of the lesson please go to this doc   read the information and answer the questions. You can work in pairs. We’ll discuss this next lesson.

I will see you Wednesday

Ms Wilson


Friday May 11th – Development and disparity

Disparities exist within and between countries but strategies can be used to improve standard of living

  • What does this statement mean to you?
  • What topics do you think we will cover in this unit?
  • What would you like to learn about these issues?
  • Think of the vocabulary terms you have learned in your previous I&S classes, what words come to mind when discussion these issues?

Last class, we played the Trading Game

see this link 

  • What have you learned from the game?
  • What was fair/unfair?
  • What can be done to make the game more equal?
  • What real world situations affect the equity of trade between countries?
  • How could we achieve fair trade?
  • How would you define poverty in terms of the game?

Review from gr. 8 I&S:

  • What is meant by development?
  • How do we measure development?
  • What trends have been observed in countries during different levels of development?
  • What is meant by disparity?
  • How would you define poverty in terms of development?

Let’s look at a new way of defining poverty?

Watch Hans Rosling’s New Insight on Poverty (15min)

In your groups, discuss Mr Rosling’s views on defining poverty.

  • Write down the dimensions of development. Identify which ones you think are means, and which are goals? Rank them according to how important you think they are.
  • How do your ideas differ from Mr Rosling?
  • Do you agree with him that culture is and should be the ultimate goal of any society?
  • Do you believe all societies in the world, including your own, can achieve their goals? What may be some obstacles they face? Explain.

We will do this task as a Summative assessment  next week – TSC

Grade 9 – Wed May 2nd

Government videos

9 D – You will record these period 5 today ( you will have a cover teacher so get on with it) I will be back after lunch, period 6 and we will watch the videos then..

9 B – You will record these period 7 today and we will watch them period 8.

I will share revision guide for test next week.