Category: Grade 9 Individuals and Societies


You will become familiar with the following:

  • Aid
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Fair Trade
  • Debt Relief
  • Market Access and Trade (Free Trade)
  • Government (and policy)
  • Remittances
  • Micro financing

You will work in pairs and produce 6 powerpoint slides ( you don’t need citations) about your given development strategy.

We will combine all slides.

You need to :-

Say what it is

How it works

Refer to examples 

How it helps countries develop – is it useful/effective? List pros and cons


Map and energy proposals

Alternative Energy proposals  with map:-

You will be given an OS map to conduct a feasibility study and produce an energy proposal for the map’s area. State what types of renewable energy would be suitable for the region, or what mix of these could be used, and the site where these could be employed.

You will create a hand drawn, annotated map on poster paper.

Your maps must include:

  • Title
  • Scale. You must redraw your maps to fit onto your poster paper and leave enough room around the edges for annotations key etc. The scale cannot be the same as on your map.
  • Grid reference
  • Land use
  • Key
  • Elevation where relevant
  • Main physical features
  • Reference to map evidence
  • Information on the region
    • Population
    • Energy usage
    • Climate and meteorological trends
    • Economic activities
  • Handwritten annotations of site for each type of renewable energy usage with:
    • Type of energy
    • Expected energy production
    • Statistics to support your choice
    • Short explanation of your decision
    • Graphs if necessary
    • Physical features that guided your decision
  • Any other relevant information that can support your answer.
  • Make sure you have created a google doc entitled Research Log as this will be used to assess criteria B. Use Diigo to bookmark and also to help with your Bibiliography.

TSC B, C & D – Due Monday April 15th (Things to consider)

Renewable energy: Benefits, drawbacks, cost, climatic conditions
Economic activity: resources, needs, externalities
Demographics: Education, birth rates, life expectancy (PPT)
Environment: Biodiversity, cultural heritage, pollution
Politics: Government type and power, history

TSC B, C & D Due 18th April except for AISA footballers and their’s is due 22nd.

Link to Research logs . – please add your name and hyperlink

9A ATL focus

9D ATL focus


Today we will start Mapskills as you will need these to do your next summative, which will combine your knowledge of renewable energy and mapping.

This is what we will refer to to help you develop your basic mapskills. To draw a cross section this will help

Sustainability in the home

Statement of Inquiry:

In order to create a more sustainable community, we must be innovators.”

Working towards sustainability

  1. Energy saving

How you could save energy in your home?  It has to have a practical application

How will you implement the ideas ( put them into place) – get family on board, ie how would you make them do it?

            2. Can you do anything else which will make your household more sustainable? Identify other resources you can focus on managing more sustainably. 

           3. Can you take your ideas to the wider community?

Think about conservation, recycling, reduction, reuse, substitution

This is a presentation….a video or powerpoint with video links…to be completed individually – maximum 5 minutes long. Be creative!!

Due Feb 14th 9A and 9D – or for those going to Spain have it ready by the 18th.


Please add links to your presentations and to planning  docs on here 9A & 9D

Update ATL folios

You should be updating this regularly so please do so now. You had a lot of feedback on the last assignment ( music and memory) and have just been given peer feedback on your Alternative energy presentations. so update reflections for both. Links to your folios are below:-

9 A 

9 D

Here are the ATLs – Skills we will be focusing on developing. Please create a portfolio where you can track your skill development over the course of the year and add reflections

What did you do well and and what presentation skills might you focus on in future presentations? write a short comment on here