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Maths, History, WOKs

Students to discuss what did last class, go through some of their ideas, discuss the role of Maths in History.
Watch this Ted talk and discuss it for 5 minutes.
Watch this Ted talk too on street numbers
Go through this simple powerpoint with the emphasis on History and power of numbers – generate some numbers which relate to them
2 minute elevator speech for next week in pairs or even begin in class tomorrow if there’s time.
Blog post for reflection?


Instead of reflecting on the perception/ethics aspect of the Selfie video….please see the doc I shared with you click on the links and answer the questions. Do this on your blog..

Morals v science


  1. Write a thoughtful response (around 250-300 words) to one of the questions below. Post on your blog

  2. Comment on at least two other responses. One of your comments must be to a response without any comments. Make this something more substantial than, “Great Response!”


  • Sam Harris’ basic moral principle is that human morality and human values are reducible to a concern about conscious experience and its possible changes. We might find our moral concerns around the states of happiness, sadness or fulfillment of another person for instance (i.e. concern for the well being of child soldiers kidnapped and brainwashed under this Kony fellow). Do you agree with this?

  • Can Science answer moral questions?

  • Is Harris correct in his assertion that there are right answers to moral questions? Are there moral facts?

  • Is Harris really making an argument about the relationship between Science and moral questions or is he mostly making an argument against moral relativism (the belief that all moral claims/principles are relative to the context of culture and perspective and thus not universally true)?

  • Is Harris committing a number of straw man fallacies (building straw men and then knocking them down to make his points seem more valid)?

Knowledge issues/questions

Lets look at how we extract knowledge issues/questions
Extracting knowledge issues
See Link
Refer to the sheet I gave you now try to complete using examples
This may be useful for your presentations…How do I formulate my knowledge issues or questions for a presentation?

TASK – in pairs watch the 2 clips below and extract 3 knowledge issues or qstns from the 2 clips
Knowledge issues – Weapons of mass destruction

Evolution commercial

How do I evaluate and analyse knowledge issues?

TASK – For homework ..Choose two of the links below, and derive two KIs from each (for a total of four). Post them on your blog for next lesson; please indicate from which article each KI comes.

Hit makers – knowing what’s popular
Chris Sauter – the whole world

How strange can space and time get?
Mind versus machine

Welcome grade 11


Theory of Knowledge is considered with CAS and the Extended Essay, the centre of the IB Diploma Program. In Theory of Knowledge (TOK), students are encouraged to think critically about what they are learning in their subject areas and to make links between their DP classes. Some of the ais and objectives of TOK, as described by the IBO, include, but are not limited to:-

  • encourage students to reflect on the their experience as learners in everyday life and the Diploma Program, and to make connections between academic disciplines, and between thoughts, feelings and actions
  • develop an awareness of how knowledge is constructed critically, examined, evaluated and renewed by communities and individuals
  • encourage consideration of the responsibilities originating from the relationship between knowledge, the community and the individual as citizen of the world

  • draw links and make effective comparisons between different approaches to knowledge issues that derive from areas of knowledge, ways of knowing,

    theoretical positions and cultural values



The assessment model in TOK comprises two components:

  • An oral presentation on a knowledge issue, completed in year 11. This is internally assessed by YIS TOK teachers and is worth 20 points.
  • 1200-1600 word essay on a prescribed titles completed in year 12. This is externally assessed and is worth 40 points.


Many of the summative assessments in TOK will be practice oral presentations or TOK essays. Because these assessments are unlike anything in other Diloma programs it is essential to practice these skills. Other summative and formative assessments will be included in this course to ensure students are understanding the aims and objectives of the course.

Students will be asked to reflect and demonstrate their learning using their Learning Hub blogs and it is expected that students post regularly to these.

TOK and the IB Diploma

TOK and Extended Essay scores are combined for ‘bonus points’ in the IB Diploma.Failure to earn satisfactory in TOK, academic dishonesty on TOK assignments , or failure to complete TOK will lead to a student failing the IB Diploma.

TOK Resources.

Much of the content being discussed in TOK and the assessment criteria can be found on the YIS TOK website.

IB  Objectives: Upon completion of the course, students will able to:
• analyze knowledge claims, their underlying assumptions and their implications.
• generate questions, explanations, conjectures, hypotheses, alternative ideas and possible solutions in response to knowledge issues concerning areas of knowledge, ways of knowing and students’ own experience as learners
• demonstrate an understanding of different perspectives on knowledge issues
• draw links and make effective comparisons between different approaches to knowledge issues that derive from areas of knowledge, ways of knowing, theoretical positions and cultural values.
• demonstrate an ability to give a personal, self-aware response to a knowledge issue.
• formulate and communicate ideas clearly with due regard for accuracy and academic honesty.

Grade 12 – TOK presentation

Please think about topics for your presentation. You must work on this and begin planning asap as we will be undertaking these in about 3 weeks. Aim for your best work as if it is done well now you will not have to revisit and redo in grade 12! Good luck and please ask if you need help or input.

Ms Wilson

Gr 12 TOK perception

As Mr Clarke told you in class have homework for this week…Your task is to work in a group of three or four people and create a series of 2-3 “forced perspective” photographs. Please put them on your blogs by next class.  Have a look at this site for inspiration.

The parameters for this forced perspective assignment are pretty straight forward.
  • No editing images. They must be taken in one shot so the work is in the set-up and planning.
  • You or something else that makes it clear that this is your work must be apparent in the photo.
  • Post your photos on your blog with a brief description (100-150 words) of the considerations you took into account to make your photo believable.
  • Consider the internal assessment criteria B) Analysis and D) Organization as you complete this task.
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