Today we will start the Analysis.

Please make sure you follow the coursework guidelines and that you understand what to do according to the mark criteria.

For homework and by Tuesday’s lesson please make sure you have completed

Hyp 1 – Material size and roundness

Hyp 2 – Destructive beaches



Please make sure you complete your wind rose and littoral drift graphs for each beach by Tuesday’s lesson.

You should also sort your photographs for Hyp 2 – showing any mitigation that you saw and Hyp 3 – showing all the landforms you found.

On Monday we will work on the graph for Hyp 1 – Material size and roundness.



You will become familiar with the following:

  • Aid
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Fair Trade
  • Debt Relief
  • Market Access and Trade (Free Trade)
  • Government (and policy)
  • Remittances
  • Micro financing

You will work in pairs and produce 6 powerpoint slides ( you don’t need citations) about your given development strategy.

We will combine all slides.

You need to :-

Say what it is

How it works

Refer to examples 

How it helps countries develop – is it useful/effective? List pros and cons


EDO essay – Written in class May 7th

You can make a start on your Edo Essay. You can choose to focus on any aspect of Edo. Most of you have your research questions sorted so begin your research for the essay. If you have not focused your question please do so as soon as possible. Remember you are choosing sources to answer your question so make sure you save them on Diigo or screenshot and save in a folder. You will have to use at least 6 sources but no more than 8. It is an essay based on sources – you will use these as evidence in your discussion analysing and and evaluating them as you use them. You should also keep a log of their origin for your works cited page. You will work on this over the weekend. We will review your the sources you have chosen next lesson and work on the plan for the essay.

Method to be completed by 24th

Make sure you complete your method by Wed 24th

We are going to spend the next 5 lessons on graphing so we can start the analysis on Fri 3rd May. You  need to be working on this at the weekend.


Students were introduced to OPPLV at start of the unit and also the ‘Edo’ project and trip.

You were asked to will 1 source from the Edo museum and do verbal presentation on this when we return to class. This will be the first summative. TSC criteria C + D

10 A – Due Tuesday April 16th and 10D is due Wednesday April 17th.

Useful links to help – how to evaluate sources – worksheet & OPPLV info using historic sources

Please note the presentation is 3 mins 30 seconds in length.


Today we will input the results for beach 2 ( Maiso) and start the write up. Introduction is first. At the weekend please make sure you read the Internal Assessment guide I gave you. Please draw maps of Japan, Izu peninsula and a local map showing the 2 survey areas ( beaches ). If you use coloured pencil press on hard and use solid colour as it will fade when you scan. I will check all of you have completed your maps by Monday’s lesson.

On Monday and Wednesday you need to introduce your fieldwork. See the guide to coursework doc. 2019. You will work on the intro today and in my absence on Thursday. It should be completed by the beginning of next Monday’s class

I will check that your introductions are complete on Monday 15th.

We will then do the method so make sure you start sorting your photos and share with your group.

Please note the Timeline for write up

Monday 15th April – Introduction should be complete by the start of this lesson ( 2 lessons plus homework)

Monday 22nd April – Method complete by the start of this lesson ( 3 x lessons plus homework)

Tues 30th April – Graphs complete by the end of the lesson. ( 5 x lessons plus 2 homeworks)

Wed 8th May – Analysis should be completed by the end of this lesson.

Conclusion and evaluation to be done for homework weekend of May 10th.

Monday May 13th. The complete I/A due in at the start of the lesson (9:10)

It should be printed double sided and in colour. DO NOT STAPLE!! I will give you a paperclip.


Cover work Friday April 5th

In my absence please read the following links. You may also think about what one are you might want to focus on for your essay. See you all Tuesday at Ishikawacho at 9 or Ryugoku at 10.10

For information on the period read the following – a brief history –  Japan Times from Edo to Meiji  / From Edo to Meiji Restoration. Then take the virtual tour of Edo, paying particular attention to the sections on Senkakuji: The Temple of the 47 Samurai and Ryogoku: The Home of Sumo and the station we will be going to on Tuesday. Now watch the videos on Edo Japan (Part 1Part 2 and Part 3Part 4Part 5  & Part 6  about eight minutes each for a little more insight into Edo).

We will be going on a fieldtrip to the Edo Museum on Tues April 9th . Please have your parents sign the permission slip and state whether you will meet at Ishikawacho or Ryogoku.

Make sure you have gone through the Virtual tour of Edo.

Here is a link to some basic details about Edo

Sustainable Edo

Visualising cultures – wood block prints or Ukiyo-e. This is useful for images illustrating the changes

History of ukiyo-e and it’s spread

Famous Japanese Ukiyo-e prints 

Heroes of Ukiyo-e

Ukiyo-e heroes kickstarter

We have looked  at some of these and discussed how useful they are, also looked at a framework for analyzing visual texts, “The Five C’s,” .  Using the checklist on there you will start to analyse your image. You will also go through and focus on evaluation using  OPPVL  . 

You need to be able to fully analyse and evaluate as you will be doing this after we come back from the Edo museum when you present an analysis of the 1 thing you took a picture of.

You will then do a summative, in class essay, which is based on sources. You may have an idea of what you want focus on for your essay and start some research or simply look around for ideas.

A useful link for sources 

Ukioy-e from Edo to Meiji