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Monday Period 7/8 Grade 7B

Hi Grade 7!

Safety and Electricity in the Home

This will be covered in the exam.

Your task today is to design and produce a poster on electrical safety in the home.  You poster must include:

  • the major hazards found in the home
  • how to prevent accidents in the home
  • do’s and don’ts of electrical safety at home

Your poster will be displayed around the school as part of a raising awareness campaign so make it eye-catching as well as informative.

You can produce the poster on the computer or on paper.  A printed out version should be handed in next lesson.

To help you with your research, take a look at some or all of the following videos and articles.

Follow Merilyn’s board Electrical Safety on Pinterest.

See you next lesson!

Monday Period 1-4 Grade 11A and 11B

Hi Grade 11!

We are going to continue Energetics for HL.

SL, you have a study hall. You need to be continuing to work on the Revision packet that was posted on the Google+ Community.

Born-Haber Cycles

This is new for 11A and practise for 11B.  First of all, watch these series of videos:

Now that you have that, there is also a booklet to go along with this.  Read the booklet and try all the questions at the end of the booklet.  The answers are included.

Once you have finished those, there are some past paper questions that you will find here.  We will discuss the answers when I get back next lesson.

Have a good day!

Grade 11 Friday Period 1

Hi folks!

I’m at the Chiku centre with Kelly’s sister.  This means I’ll be a bit late to class. But here are your instructions.

SL – It is a study hall for you.  You can work on your revision pack posted to the community.

HL – We are looking at Standard Enthalpy Change of Formation and Standard Enthalpy Change of Combustion

  1. Define the above two terms.  Watch the video and write down the definitions of each to learn for the exam.
  2. Watch this video.

  4. Now try and find the ∆H for the following equation using the ∆H combustion values in table 12 of your data booklet.C(s) + 2H2(g)  —> CH4(g)

That should keep you busy until I get back!  See you then!

Grade 11 Monday Period 7/8

Hi Everyone.  I’m sick but I’ll be back on Tuesday hopefully germ free.

In the mean time…

Make sure you have finished the booklet about bond enthalpy that I gave you last week.  If you had any problems with the questions, ask someone in the class to help you.

If you have finished, you may go on to the next section which is Hess’s Law.

Watch this video.

Now work through the booklet and questions found here.  Work together to try and nut it out.  I’ll be back on Tuesday to help you with any problems.


Grade 6C Monday Period 1/2

Good morning boys!  I’m away today as I’m not very well.  But I’ll be back tomorrow I think so see you then!

Today please do the following:

Finish writing your blog post – “How to Mine Salt”.  Make sure you have included the equipment you will need and a photo or diagram of how to set it up.  And of course your stepwise method.

Once you have finished your own post, read at least two other people’s and leave a comment for each.  In your comment mention 2 things you think they have done well in their post/method and 1 thing they can improve on.

Watch the following three BrainPop videos:

  1. Scientific Method
  2. Measuring Matter
  3. Metric Units

For each video, do the classic quiz and send the results to a spreadsheet with my email address.  You must log in using google in order to do this.

See you Tuesday!