Grade 6C Monday Period 1/2

Good morning boys!  I’m away today as I’m not very well.  But I’ll be back tomorrow I think so see you then!

Today please do the following:

Finish writing your blog post – “How to Mine Salt”.  Make sure you have included the equipment you will need and a photo or diagram of how to set it up.  And of course your stepwise method.

Once you have finished your own post, read at least two other people’s and leave a comment for each.  In your comment mention 2 things you think they have done well in their post/method and 1 thing they can improve on.

Watch the following three BrainPop videos:

  1. Scientific Method
  2. Measuring Matter
  3. Metric Units

For each video, do the classic quiz and send the results to a spreadsheet with my email address.  You must log in using google in order to do this.

See you Tuesday!

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