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Grade 6 – Endangered Species

This week you will be working on creating a digital poster, pamphlet, video or presentation to raise awareness about an endangered species.

The TSC and details of the assignment can be found HERE.
Make sure you put a link to your planner and a link to your final product HERE.

Monday – Finish research and filling in the planner.
Tuesday – Design and begin working on your final product.
Thursday – Finish your final product and make sure you have linked it in the table.

This assignment is DUE on Thursday 29th May at the end of the lesson.

Grade 7 – Science Fair

This week you will be finishing up your Science Fair project.

Science Fair!!!!!

Here are the details of the assignment in case you have forgotten!
Here is the TSC for the assignment.

Remember that the completed planner is due on Monday 2nd June and your final product is due on Wednesday 5th June to be ready for display and presentation in the auditorium!