Grade 7 Science Cover Period 7 & 8

I’m so sorry because I know that you are all excited about the eyeball dissection but I’m sick today so we will do it next lesson.  I don’t want to scare your cover teacher!

Here is what to do today…


  1. Open brainpop through your google account (9 dots in the corner!)
  2. Watch the brainpop video called “Eyes”.
  3. Take the quiz and send the results to me in the spreadsheet.  Do not choose to email me.
  4. Repeat the quiz until you have a minimum of 80%.

Light videos by Shea

Choose one of the videos below to watch with a partner.  You can watch more than one if you want.


Discuss the video you watched with your partner.  Do you both understand it?  If not, talk about it with someone else that watched it or watch it again and discuss the tricky bits.

For one of the videos, write a blog post summary of the video.  Your summary should include:

  • the main idea(s) from the video – what did you learn?
  • a picture/graphic that you found that is also about that idea and helps explain it


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