G10 Monday P7/8

  • Watch the video on the electrolysis of molten lead bromide.  Make sure you understand what is happening.

  • Predict the products when you electrolyse the following molten salts.  State what you get at the anode and the cathode.  Use your notes from last week to help you.
    a)  zinc chloride
    b)  aluminium oxide
  • Draw a diagram for the electrolysis of zinc chloride.  Include the cathode and anode, the direction of electron flow and the half equations that occur at each electrode.  Use the example given in class as a guide.
  • Review mass to moles calculations here.
  • Work through this worksheet on moles to mass calculations in equations.  We will go over the answers on Tuesday.
  • Review semester one.  Here is the study guide to help you.

See you Tuesday!

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